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Xinjiang Sightseeing Tour

Get both your body and soul on the way

13 Days North Xinjiang Tour

This bus tour only available in Mid September will lead tourists to less visited counties to feel untouched natural scenery and villages of most authentic local flavor.

7 Days Xinjiang Highlight Tour

The 7 days Xinjiang tour includes major attractions in Cashgar, Turpan, and Kashgar. Catch the chance to explore Xinjiang with affordable cost.

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Xian to Dunhuang by Train

Dunhuang used to be an almost isolated city established about 2000 years ago. Xian was the capital city of the West Han Dynasty. Both played a big part on the ancient Silk Road. Traveling from Xian to Dunhuang will show you the mixture of different cultures brought by Silk Road.

16 Days Xinjiang Silk Road Relics Tour

Xinjiang used to be the most important past of Chinese western region when mentioning Silk Road. In history there are around 30 kingdoms spread in the vast land of Xinjiang. Today the ruins of these kingdoms become the rare relics. The 16 days private tour will lead you to explore some of them.

9 Days Taklamkan Ancient Silk Road Tour

The 9 days Xinjiang tour is about the most classic tourist attractions in Urumqi, Kashgar, Tzaon, Kuqa. It will lead you to some of the most highlight things along the Silk Road in XInjiang and also to some less known but the same meaningful attractions in local area.

9 Days Kanas Lake Fairyland Tour from Urumqi

The 9 days private Xinjiang tour is about the natural scenery in Xinjiang. The tour service includes private transfer in air condition car, guide, entrance fee, lunch, hotel, and flight mentioned in itinerary. If the itinerary doesn't match your schedule, please advise, we are glad to adjust till you are satisfied.

8 Days Mt. Bogda Trekking and Camping Tour

Spending 8 days with your private tour guide and driver to visit the highlight site in Urumqi and Turpan. And you will visit several days to trek the Mt. Pagoda, a snow peak with inviting natural scenery.

6 Days North Xinjiang Scenery Tour

The Tianshan Ranges divide Xinjiang into two parts: South Xinjiang and North Xinjiang. It is acknowledged among Chinese people that North Xinjiang is ideal for sightseeing, and South Xinjiang is recommended for learning about history and culture. This 6 days private tour will lead you to explroe the beautiful scenery in north Xinjiang.

6 Days Extended Urumqi Tour

The 6 days Urumqi private tour will lead you to visit Xinjiang Museum, Red Hill Park , Xinjiang International Bazaar, Heavenly Lake, Flaming Hill, Jiaohe City Ruins, Karez Well, Silk Road International Holiday Resort, Luobu People Village.

5 Days North Xinjiang Sightseeing Tour

North part of Xinjiang is the hometown of many seldom see beautiful scenery. Among the scenery, Kanas Lake and Hemu Village are definately two most attractive destinations. That 5 days sightseeing tour will show you the beauty of these destinations.
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