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Xinjiang History Tour

Look back on the past and into the future

16 Days Xinjiang Silk Road Relics Tour

Xinjiang used to be the most important past of Chinese western region when mentioning Silk Road. In history there are around 30 kingdoms spread in the vast land of Xinjiang. Today the ruins of these kingdoms become the rare relics. The 16 days private tour will lead you to explore some of them.

10 Days East Xinjiang Tour

The vast land of Xinjiang keeps various beautiful landscape and scenery. And the long history left the region many rare cultural relics. This 10 days private tour will lead you to visit the highlight natural and cultural attractions in east part of Xinjiang.

8 Days Xinjiang Exploration Tour

The 8 days private Xinjiang tour is about the most highlight things in the three classic tourist cities of Xinjiang: Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar. Hotel, private transfer, flights, guide, entrance fee, and meals are all included in the tour.

8 Days South Xinjiang Tour

South Xinjiang is well known among domestic and international toursits for the rich cultural relics and the thick Uyghur folk culture. So for the toursits who have interest in culture and history, cities in south Xinjiang is always in their schedule. That 8 days private tour will show you the essence things in South Xinjiang […]

8 Days Mysterious Xinjiang Tour

The 8 days private tour will offer you the chance to explore the mysterious cultural relics and beautiful natural scenery of Xinjiang. The tour can be tailor made according to your interest.

8 Days Silk Road Tour from Dunhuang to Kashgar

The 8 days Silk Road tour, starting from Dunhuang and ending at Kashgar, will take you to the real ancient Silk Rote from Dunhuang to Kashgar, along the tour route you visit see the most famous and remarkable attractions. The cultures, local customs with thick ethnic taste and city ruins.

6 Days Silk Road Tour of Urumqi and Turpan

The 6 days Silk Road tour package covers only Urumqi and Kashgar, the most west send cities of China that of utmost ethnic flavors. Take the tour to find the hidden history and mystery of the ancient Silk Road by visit to Heavenly Lake, Southern Pasture, Gaochang Ruins, Astana Tombs, Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Cave, Sugong […]

7 Days Urumqi &Turpan Tour

Turpan is one of the three well developed tourist cities in Xinjiang and the city is best known for Grape Valley. Traveling to Turpan in autumn tourists will try the freshest fruits and if they travel to Turpan in other seasons the historical ruins will treat them with cultural banquet. Turpan plus Urumqi is an […]

14 Days South XinjiangTour

Are you looking for a tour that extensively designed for traveling to South Xinjiang. That private tour package will be the right choice for you. Take 14 days to traveling each corner of the south part of Xinjiang.