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Silk Road Train Travel

Silk Road Train Travel

13 Days Silk Road plus Tour

Beijing and Xian are two of the most favorable destinations for tourists traveling to China for the first time. Pingyao is one of the best ancient cities in China and Dunhuang is the pearl along the ancient Silk Road. Take the tour to find best of Chinese culture.

10 Days Silk Road Tour by Train

If you have enough time for your Silk Road Tour, travel by train is highly recommended. Why? Because by taking a train, tourists will see every interesting thing not only in each destination but also on the way. This tour package will take you to Terracotta Army, Maijishan Grottoes, most west part of Great Wall, […]

8 Days Silk Road Highlights Tour by Train

Being escorted by the professional guide, you will explore Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar in the 8 days and leave an unforgettable memory by the breathtaking views and local cultures in your life.

15 Days China Silk Road Tour

Staring the Silk Road tour with Beijing upon your arrival in China and then traveling from northwest to southeast to visit the most notable attractions along the ancient Silk Road. And ends the tour in Shanghai.

13 Days Best of Silk Road Tour

The tour journey to the north and west part of China offers the perfect choice for tourist to absorb the most unique sights along the ancient Silk Road. The extended itineraries to less visited places will enable tourists to feel the most authentic local custom and culture. And you will find more hidden facts along […]

11 Days Essence Silk Road Tour

One of the most popular Silk Road Tour route stretches from Xian to Urumqi. Traveling from east to west, besides the tourist attractions, tourists will have a look at the desert and Gobi landscapes as well. The spot in big cities and barren desert vividly illustrate the Chinese idiom Cang Hai Sang Tian, which means […]

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Xian to Dunhuang

Dunhuang used to be an almost isolated city established about 2000 years ago. Xian was the capital city of the West Han Dynasty. Both played an big part on the ancient Silk Road. Traveling from Xian to Dunhuang will show you the mixture of different cultures brought by Silk Road.