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Short Silk Road Tour

Cover the most highlights within the shortest time

10 Days Silk Road Tour by Train

If you have enough time for your Silk Road Tour, travel by train is highly recommended. Why? Because by taking a train, tourists will see every interesting thing not only in each destination but also on the way. This tour package will take you to Terracotta Army, Maijishan Grottoes, most west part of Great Wall, […]

8 Days Silk Road Highlights Tour by Train

Being escorted by the professional guide, you will explore Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar in the 8 days and leave an unforgettable memory by the breathtaking views and local cultures in your life.

8 Days Urumqi Korla Kuqa Aksu Kashgar

8 Days Xinjiang tour of highlight sites in Urumqi, Korla, Kuqa, Aksu, and Kashgar. The tour service includes: private vehicle in each city, local friendly guide, entrance fee, meals, hotel, and flight from Kashgar to Urumqi.

8 Days Silk Road Tour from Dunhuang to Kashgar

The 8 days Silk Road tour, starting from Dunhuang and ending at Kashgar, will take you to the real ancient Silk Rote from Dunhuang to Kashgar, along the tour route you visit see the most famous and remarkable attractions. The cultures, local customs with thick ethnic taste and city ruins.

7 Days Beijing-Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

Xinjiang is the second mysterious place in China that follows Tibet. But it is not so much visited due to the long distance from other hot tourist cities. For this reason there are many places worthy of visiting are still waiting for pioneer tourists. Would you like to be the pioneer?

8 Days Silk Rod tour from Xian to Dunhuang

The 8 days Silk Road tour focuses on Gansu Province along the Hexi Corridor. The tour by train make the tour more leisurely and see more along the ancient Silk Road tour.

8 Days Gansu Tour

From map we could see territory of Gansu is narrow and long which stretches southeast to northwest. Most part the Hexi Corridor lies in Gansu Province so the Hexia Corridor is also called Gansu Corridor. Taking this 8 days tour to explore the Corridor.

7 Days Silk Road Tour from Urumqi to Dunhuang

Traveling from east to west along the ancient Silk Road to feel and witness gradual weather and geographical changes is chosen by most tourists. While traveling along the opposite way is also welcomed by many tourists. that itinerary enables tourist visit Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan, and Dunhuang one by one.

7 Days Silk Road Tour from Kashgar to Dunhuang

The 7 days west part of Silk Road tour from Kashgar to Dunhuang shows most of classical attractions in Xinjiang and Dunhuang City. Take that tour to follow footprint of Marco Polo to find the hidden facts along ancient Silk Road.

7 Days Gansu & Xinjiang Tour

The 7 days package presents prosperous history, rich culture and current situation of ancient Silk Road. Tourists will look into the flourishing past through the many ruins and relics in one week. The 7 days Silk Road tour will lead you to find the western part of Silk Road in China and will present you […]
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