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Photography Silk Road Tour

Record the breathtaking views with camera in your hands.

13 Days Silk Road Tour with Hexi Corridor

Take the 13 days Silk Road tour, you will be introduced to the miracles of the vast land of northwest part of China. You will start from Urumqi. Going westward you will meet Turpan, Hami, Dunhuang, Wuwei, Lanzhou, Xinning, and Xian. And in Xian you will see the world famous Terracotta figures.

10 Days Silk Road Tour of Gansu plus Xining

A wonderful explore tour to Gansu part of ancient Silk Road tour and Xining City. The tour starting from Xining and ending in Dunhuang with Dunhuang Museum. All the selected attractions will insure you an impressive Silk Road tour.

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Lanzhou to Kashgar

The 9 days China Silk Road tour to Lanzhou, Jiayuguan and Xianjiang will help you discover the mysteries and legend of the north west part of China. Starting your tour from Lanzhou, then drive to Jiayuguan, you will have the chance to see a different China by doing this tour.

17 Days Adventurous Silk Road & Yangtze River Cruise

After the several days hike along the ancient Silk Road, you must need a good rest. Then how about cruising the Yangtze River by a 5 star cruise ship? In this tour package, you will appreciate the most important cities regarding Silk Road tour and also spend relaxing time on cruise ship to explore the […]

18 Days China Silk Road and Tibet Tour

Silk Road is an ancient Silk Road tour that stretches through China, Middle Asia and reaches to east bank of Mediterranean Sea. This 18 days tour covers tour to the whole China part Silk Road, Tibet, and Katmandu in Nepal.

14 Days Silk Road Tour Starting from Xian

Silk Road, a route of incomparable attraction to travelers who are interested in the human cultural relics, which used to be quite prosperous in the Tang Dynasty and now become pretty silent regarding international business. This 14 days Silk Road tour package will bring you a mysterious journey along the whole route of ancient Silk […]

7 Days Silk Road Tour from Urumqi to Dunhuang

Traveling from east to west along the ancient Silk Road to feel and witness gradual weather and geographical changes is chosen by most tourists. While traveling along the opposite way is also welcomed by many tourists. that itinerary enables tourist visit Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan, and Dunhuang one by one.

13 Days Qinghai Gansu and Xinjiang Tour

The Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Sangke Grassland in Xiahe, the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, the Jiaohe Ruins in Turpan and the Bund in Shanghai: all these scenic spots are like precious pearls strewn across the landscape. Now we string them together and present them to you.

11 Days Silk Road Tour

A comparatively complete and real expedition, driving for most part of the journey. This may be deemed as "hard" compared with flying, but think about the forefathers of the East-West communications. As a matter of fact, the private Silk Road tour package was literally made by footsteps.

10 Days Xinjiang Scenery with Ethnic Flavor Appreciation Tour

What do you expect from Xinjiang tour? This 10 day’s tour package will offer you a diverse vacation from breath-taking natural scenery to majestic human works, from historical relics to the active local bazaar. The tour package is exclusively designed for tourists who want to explore Xinjiang in depth.