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Muslim Silk Road Tour

Feel the unique charm of Muslim culture along the way

17 Days Silk Road Tour Adventure

Spend 17 days we will travel the whole Silk Road in China. Traveling from Xian to Urumqi you will witness and feel the difference between eastern China and western China. The historical relics and ruins will explain the flouring past the the decline of ancient Silk Road tour.

17 Days Silk Road In-depth Tour

The In-depth Silk Road Tour let you explore completely and deeply the noble ancient Silk Road in 17 days from Urumqi to Xian. Except the must-see Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar, you will also experience the unique appeal of Jiayunguan, Zhangye, Wuwei and Lanzhou. The private 17 days Silk Road tour is with professional […]

11 Days Silk Road Tour from Xian to Kashgar

Xian and Kashgar, the starting point and ending pointing of China section of ancient Silk Road. Traveling along this route, you will find the gradually changing landscape and culture from central to west part of China. Also we will get to know how difficult for businessmen and travelers in ancient time to travel through the […]

10 Days Silk Road Tour by Train

If you have enough time for your Silk Road Tour, travel by train is highly recommended. Why? Because by taking a train, tourists will see every interesting thing not only in each destination but also on the way. This tour package will take you to Terracotta Army, Maijishan Grottoes, most west part of Great Wall, […]

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Xian to Dunhuang by Train

Dunhuang used to be an almost isolated city established about 2000 years ago. Xian was the capital city of the West Han Dynasty. Both played a big part on the ancient Silk Road. Traveling from Xian to Dunhuang will show you the mixture of different cultures brought by Silk Road.

8 Days Silk Road Highlights Tour by Train

Being escorted by the professional guide, you will explore Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar in the 8 days and leave an unforgettable memory by the breathtaking views and local cultures in your life.

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Lanzhou to Kashgar

The 9 days China Silk Road tour to Lanzhou, Jiayuguan and Xianjiang will help you discover the mysteries and legend of the north west part of China. Starting your tour from Lanzhou, then drive to Jiayuguan, you will have the chance to see a different China by doing this tour.

7 Days Gansu & Xinjiang Tour

The 7 days package presents prosperous history, rich culture and current situation of ancient Silk Road. Tourists will look into the flourishing past through the many ruins and relics in one week. The 7 days Silk Road tour will lead you to find the western part of Silk Road in China and will present you […]

13 Days Qinghai Gansu and Xinjiang Tour

The Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Sangke Grassland in Xiahe, the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, the Jiaohe Ruins in Turpan and the Bund in Shanghai: all these scenic spots are like precious pearls strewn across the landscape. Now we string them together and present them to you.

11 Days Silk Road Tour

A comparatively complete and real expedition, driving for most part of the journey. This may be deemed as "hard" compared with flying, but think about the forefathers of the East-West communications. As a matter of fact, the private Silk Road tour package was literally made by footsteps.
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