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In-depth Silk Road Tour

Scratch below the surface to discover the real Silk Road

17 Days Silk Road Tour Adventure

Spend 17 days we will travel the whole Silk Road in China. Traveling from Xian to Urumqi you will witness and feel the difference between eastern China and western China. The historical relics and ruins will explain the flouring past the the decline of ancient Silk Road tour.

17 Days Silk Road In-depth Tour

The In-depth Silk Road Tour let you explore completely and deeply the noble ancient Silk Road in 17 days from Urumqi to Xian. Except the must-see Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar, you will also experience the unique appeal of Jiayunguan, Zhangye, Wuwei and Lanzhou. The private 17 days Silk Road tour is with professional […]

11 Days in Depth Xinjiang Tour

A highlight Xinjiang tour includes both major tourists cities and the less visited counties in Xinjiang to find the hidden facts of the autonomous region. The 11 days Xinjiang tour takes tourist to cities and attractions those are symbol of nomadic culture and Moslemic culture.

9 Days Taklamkan Ancient Silk Road Tour

The 9 days Xinjiang tour is about the most classic tourist attractions in Urumqi, Kashgar, Tzaon, Kuqa. It will lead you to some of the most highlight things along the Silk Road in XInjiang and also to some less known but the same meaningful attractions in local area.

22 Days In-depth Silk Road Tour

The tour package of most important stops as well as the extended destinations along ancient Silk Road. Doing this tour you will explore China from west to east to visit the wonderful tourist destination one by one either by train, flight or private car. You will find except for the major cities along Silk Road, […]

8 Days Silk Rod tour from Xian to Dunhuang

The 8 days Silk Road tour focuses on Gansu Province along the Hexi Corridor. The tour by train make the tour more leisurely and see more along the ancient Silk Road tour.

9 Days Silk Road Buddhist Culture Tour

Silk Road used to be the most important international trading route in the Han and the Tang Dynasty and nowadays is one of the hottest tourist route in China. What makes silk road so attractive is not the breath taking scenery but the large quantity of cultural relics.

15 Days China Silk Road Essence Tour

The 15 days Silk Road tour starts from Beijing. And you will visit some best attractions in Lanzhou, Xiahe, Tongren, Xining, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, and Urumqi. That tour is for both Silk Road and Tibetan taste tour.