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Wander around a place of natural and cultural beauty

10 Days Silk Road Tour of Gansu plus Xining

A wonderful explore tour to Gansu part of ancient Silk Road tour and Xining City. The tour starting from Xining and ending in Dunhuang with Dunhuang Museum. All the selected attractions will insure you an impressive Silk Road tour.

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Xian to Dunhuang by Train

Dunhuang used to be an almost isolated city established about 2000 years ago. Xian was the capital city of the West Han Dynasty. Both played a big part on the ancient Silk Road. Traveling from Xian to Dunhuang will show you the mixture of different cultures brought by Silk Road.

9 Days Silk Road Tour from Lanzhou to Kashgar

The 9 days China Silk Road tour to Lanzhou, Jiayuguan and Xianjiang will help you discover the mysteries and legend of the north west part of China. Starting your tour from Lanzhou, then drive to Jiayuguan, you will have the chance to see a different China by doing this tour.

8 Days Silk Rod tour from Xian to Dunhuang

The 8 days Silk Road tour focuses on Gansu Province along the Hexi Corridor. The tour by train make the tour more leisurely and see more along the ancient Silk Road tour.

8 Days Gansu Tour

From map we could see territory of Gansu is narrow and long which stretches southeast to northwest. Most part the Hexi Corridor lies in Gansu Province so the Hexia Corridor is also called Gansu Corridor. Taking this 8 days tour to explore the Corridor.

11 Days Silk Road Tour

A comparatively complete and real expedition, driving for most part of the journey. This may be deemed as "hard" compared with flying, but think about the forefathers of the East-West communications. As a matter of fact, the private Silk Road tour package was literally made by footsteps.

6 Days Silk Road tour from Xian to Dunhuang

The 6 days Silk Road tour by train and flight to ensure tourists maximu of time for sightseeing instead of traveling on the way. The highlights of the tour are Qinghai Lake, Binglingsi Grottoes, Labrang Monastery, Jiayuguan Pass, Crescent Lake and the Echo-Sand Hill.

4 Days Lanzhou & Xiahe Tour

This tour package will show tourists with Lanzhou part of Yellow River and the water wheel garden in Lanzhou to appreciate the static beauty of the Monter River of Chinese nation and to witness the grand irrigation work by ancient Chinese people. And in Xiahe the tour will show tourists Labrang Monastery, Sangke Prairie and […]

3 Days Lanzhou & Xiahe Tour from Xian by Train

Yellow River is the mother river of Chinese nation. Lanzhou part of the Yellow River looks like a traditional Chinese lady, tranquil and clam. the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe is the temple that of most distinctive Tibetan feature among temples outside Tibet. And Sangke Prairie is one of the best pastures in northern China.

5 Days Lanzhou & Yinchuan Tour from Beijing

Yinchuan in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region futures at the Muslim culture. After visiting must see attractions in Lanzhou and Xiahe, we will move to Zhongwei and Yinchuan. Zhongwei is the only stop of Silk Road and we will enjoy some time in Shapotou Desert Scenic Area there. In Yinchuan we will visit Ningxia Hui Autonomous […]
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