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Escape to the pure land on earth

13 Days North Xinjiang Tour

This bus tour only available in Mid September will lead tourists to less visited counties to feel untouched natural scenery and villages of most authentic local flavor.

9 Days Kanas Lake Fairyland Tour from Urumqi

The 9 days private Xinjiang tour is about the natural scenery in Xinjiang. The tour service includes private transfer in air condition car, guide, entrance fee, lunch, hotel, and flight mentioned in itinerary. If the itinerary doesn't match your schedule, please advise, we are glad to adjust till you are satisfied.

6 Days North Xinjiang Scenery Tour

The Tianshan Ranges divide Xinjiang into two parts: South Xinjiang and North Xinjiang. It is acknowledged among Chinese people that North Xinjiang is ideal for sightseeing, and South Xinjiang is recommended for learning about history and culture. This 6 days private tour will lead you to explroe the beautiful scenery in north Xinjiang.

5 Days North Xinjiang Sightseeing Tour

North part of Xinjiang is the hometown of many seldom see beautiful scenery. Among the scenery, Kanas Lake and Hemu Village are definately two most attractive destinations. That 5 days sightseeing tour will show you the beauty of these destinations.

22 Days In-depth Silk Road Tour

The tour package of most important stops as well as the extended destinations along ancient Silk Road. Doing this tour you will explore China from west to east to visit the wonderful tourist destination one by one either by train, flight or private car. You will find except for the major cities along Silk Road, […]

3 Days Urumqi-Kashgar Tour by Flight

The 3 days Urumqi Kashgar tour will lead you to do a fast Kashgar city tour to explore the best tourist attractions the city could offer and the Karakuri Lake. One of the most beautiful lakes in Xinjiang Area.
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2 Days Urumqi – Kashgar Tour by Flight

Kashgar is one of the three best developed tourist cities in Xinjiang. 2 days Kashgar tour from Urumqi by flight will introduce you to the four most classical and popular attractions to find the basic fact of this border city which used to be a busy international trading center along ancient Silk Road.

22 Days Grand Xinjiang Tour

This is a in-depth Xianjiang tour that covers most highlight sites in Urumqi, Burqin, Kanas, Hemu, Karamy, Sarym, Yili, Naraty, Bayinbuluk, Kuqa, Aksu, Kashgar, Taxkorgan, Yarkent, Khotan, Mingfeng, Korler. You will find except for the major cities and attractions in Xinjiang, there are many smaller and less know but even more interesting and beautiful places […]

10 Days Xinjiang Scenery with Ethnic Flavor Appreciation Tour

What do you expect from Xinjiang tour? This 10 day’s tour package will offer you a diverse vacation from breath-taking natural scenery to majestic human works, from historical relics to the active local bazaar. The tour package is exclusively designed for tourists who want to explore Xinjiang in depth.