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Get lost in the excellent grotto art of Dunhuang

5 Days Dunhuang Trekking Tour

In mind of most tourists Dunhuang is the top destination on their Silk Road tour list. This 5 days tour package is all about Dunhuang. You will fully escorted by guide and driver to visit some top attractions in Dunhuang. And a two days trek is arranged for you to see more about Dunhuang.

6 Days Silk Road tour from Xian to Dunhuang

The 6 days Silk Road tour by train and flight to ensure tourists maximu of time for sightseeing instead of traveling on the way. The highlights of the tour are Qinghai Lake, Binglingsi Grottoes, Labrang Monastery, Jiayuguan Pass, Crescent Lake and the Echo-Sand Hill.

6 Days Lanzhou Dunhuang Xinjiang Tour

6 days Silk Road essence tour of Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi. These cities are some of the best place to learn about basic facts of northwestern China, And this tour is recommended to Silk Road toursits who have been to Xian before.

Dunhuang Highlight Day Tour

In only one day you will visit three representative attractions in Dunhuang to have comprehensive knowledge of the city and to know first-hand facts of the ancient Silk Road in Dunhuang and even the whole Hexi Corridor.

4 Days Dunhuang Tour

Dunhuang is one of the most visited cities regarding Silk Road tour due to its location and the Mogao Grottoes. Taking that four days Dunhuang tour you will visit Mogao Caves, Echo-ing sand Hill, Crescent Lake, Yadan Land Form, Yumen Pass, Han Dynasty Great Wall, and Shahzou Night Market.

3 Days Dunhuang Discover Tour

Dunhuang, the inner land city of China, keeps the richest cultural relics along Silk Road in China. What attracts numerous visitors to the city yearly is just the world Buddhist Treasure. Only the Mogao Grottoes will win many sites in China.

2 Days Dunhuang Tour

Spending 2 days to do a fast Dunhuang tour to find facts of the important stop along the ancient Silk Road tour to appreciate the irresistible glamour of Dunhuang city. Riding along the Echoing-sand Hill to enjoy the desert scenery and visit to Dunhuang Grottoes to witness the world-class art treasure house.

2 Days Dunhuang Camping Tour

2 days Dunhuang tour package to visit Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Hill in the first day. After the visiting you will stayovernight at camp in desert to what starts in desert, have picnic dinner and make some new friends if you like.

4 Days Jiayuguan and Dunhuang Tour

The 4 days short Silk Road tour leads you to find the west starting point of Chinese Great Wall to see how is Great where here different from that in Beijing part. The other highlight is the Mogao Caves, an Buddhist culture treasure house famous worldwide.

2 Days Xian – Dunhuang Tour by Flight

This tour is designed for tourists who have limited time to take a view of China Slik Road and are most interested in Mogao Grottoes. The 2 days tour from Xian includes the three must see attractions in Dunhuang: Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Lake, Eco-sand Mountain.