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China Tours

China Tours

17 Days Glory of Silk Road Tour

Cover the most famous sights in Beijing upon your arrival in China and then start your Silk Road tour. This tour package will take you from flat area to loess plateau, to Gobi desert and desert area, and last to the south of the Yangtze River area. The vast land of China will treat you […]

10 Days Silk Road Express Tour

Appreciate the Mogao Grottoes and experience camel-ride in Crescent Lake scenic area in Dunhuang , as well as the classic attractionssuch as Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Summer palace in Beijing, Terracotta Warriors and Horses, City Wall and Muslim Quarter in Xian, and Shanghai museum, Yuyuan Garden, and Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

13 Days Silk Road plus Tour

Beijing and Xian are two of the most favorable destinations for tourists traveling to China for the first time. Pingyao is one of the best ancient cities in China and Dunhuang is the pearl along the ancient Silk Road. Take the tour to find best of Chinese culture.

17 Days Adventurous Silk Road & Yangtze River Cruise

After the several days hike along the ancient Silk Road, you must need a good rest. Then how about cruising the Yangtze River by a 5 star cruise ship? In this tour package, you will appreciate the most important cities regarding Silk Road tour and also spend relaxing time on cruise ship to explore the […]

18 Days China Silk Road and Tibet Tour

Silk Road is an ancient Silk Road tour that stretches through China, Middle Asia and reaches to east bank of Mediterranean Sea. This 18 days tour covers tour to the whole China part Silk Road, Tibet, and Katmandu in Nepal.

15 Days China Silk Road Tour

Staring the Silk Road tour with Beijing upon your arrival in China and then traveling from northwest to southeast to visit the most notable attractions along the ancient Silk Road. And ends the tour in Shanghai.

8 Days Silk Road Plus Panda Tour

Panda is the national treasure of China and Silk Road is the most famous business route in ancient China and now is regarded as the world’s intangible cultural heritage. Spending 8 day to do that tour you will witness some of the best things China offers.