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Tips for Xinjiang Tour in Summer

Xinjiang tour is an important part of many people’s Silk Road tour. And summer days are the peak season for Xinjiang tour. Maybe some tourists are just finishing packaging and ready to start their Silk Road Tour! But have you made right preparation for the tour? Lets see what touring advices ChinaSilkRoadTours would give to you.

1. Though you traveling to Xinjiang in hot summer days, a piece of heavy jacket or a knitted sweater should be packaged in your suitcase. The temperature difference in one day can be 10-15℃.

2. Xinjiang is dry and windy through out the year. So please drink relatively more water and bring a lipstick during your stay there.

3. Please pay attention to the time difference. Xinjiang is 2 hours later than other cities like Beijing or Shanghai. So the suggested daily visiting time is 10:00-20:00.

4. Xinjiang is famous for various fruit. Summer is best time to try fruits there. But please note the sanitary condition of the fruit when you try them. Some people may have diarrhea after eating fruits there.

5. Handcrafts in Xinjiang is much pretty and of thick ethnic taste. While you are not advised to buy knife as souvenir because knives are forbidden to brought onto train or flight.

6. Territory of Xinjiang is much vast and a site is usually far from another. That requires you spend more time on riding. So the Xinjiang tour can be more tired than traveling in other cities. In many scenic areas tourists need to walk for long time, hence a pare of comfortable shoes are necessary. The long time in car may be boring sometime, so prepare some snacks or games for riding will be nice.

7. To ensure your financial safety, please do not bring too much cash with you. In city area there are many banks or ATM machines you could take money.

8. Some areas of Xinjiang have higher altitude and the ultraviolet radiation is stronger than other areas. Other areas like Turpan is extremely hot in summer days whose highest temperature can reach 40℃. Ladies are highly advised to bring sun cream and other sun-proof things.

9. Some country areas of Xinjiang has very beautiful scenery. But since these areas are not developed tourist areas, the accommodation and meals are far less good than in city area. Even showering is not available in summer days. So please expect more on sightseeing than on meals and accommodation condition.

10. Please do not try independent travel to Xinjiang in a hurry. If you plan a Xinjiang tour, please make sure to consult some Xinjiang tour experts like ChinaSilkRoadTours to get the first-hand Xinjiang tour advices and touring information. Please do not try rent a car on your own or even travel on your own. As in a ethnic community, Xinjiang tour has more unexpected affairs.