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The 2000-year-old Silk Road, starting from Xian and stretching westward to central Asia, Western Asia and the Mediterranean, not only served as a trading route between the countries along it but also greatly promoted the cultural communication between the east and west. Nowadays, it attracts numerous tourists from all over the world for the precious historical relics, brilliant culture, stunning natural scenery, and hospitable people. You will discover the exotic side of China on a Silk Road tour and become more fascinated by China. This Silk Road Travel Guide is aimed to help you get well prepared for your Silk Road tour in every aspect including attractions, travel tips and basic facts. Join our company with 20 years history in the industry to have a wonderful traveling experience!

Silk Road Attractions

With the huge efforts from those ancient merchants, an incredible route had been opened on the earth more than 2000 years ago, Silk Road, which has not only contributed to the civilization of trade and culture exchange between Asia, Europe and Africa but also unveiled the breathing-taking beauty of attractions scattered alongside. Today increasing people turn their eye sight on it and plan an adventure. But where should you exactly go? Here are the best list and introduction to the pearl-like attractions of the Silk Road that you should never miss!

Q&A Regarding Silk Road Tour

There are loads of questions raised by our former customers and those potential travelers during the process of tour plan polishing. They questioned, discussed, suggested and agreed when they plan the tour with us before they could enjoy a real wonderful trip. You will encounter similar problems with them when doing your own planning, why not have a look here? See what predecessor cared & asked and what the answers are, you will get a better idea about a Silk Road tour plan. Didn’t find the answer you want? It’s easy, just contact our professional private consultant to get answer [email protected]!

Silk Road Travel Tips

Silk Road starts from Chang’an (now Xi’an) and wind through middle Asia and get to Europe. Through whole the way, many different elements are mixed together about landforms, climates, cultures and religions, demanding you to pay special attention on many aspects to make sure your trip smooth. Then what you need to be noted and how to deal with it? Look here. It’s a good collection of Silk Road travel tips for your reference. Want more exact tips? Email us to get more details from our professional travel consultant.

Silk Road Facts

Silk Road generally refers to the route forming since Han Dynasty of China, about 2000 years ago, with the original function of outbound fright of silks, covering China and middle Asia and Europe. The glory of the road has not have been confined only on commercial trade, it has been also exerting considerable influence on culture, civilization, technology and religion communication as well as tourism today. To make your silk road tour well planned and prepared, you are suggested to click here to read more facts about this legendary road.

Silk Road Map

Map is a perfect guide for you to plan your travel duration and destination. Especially about Silk Road, such a complicated travel route involved many different cities, landmark and transportation, you can hardly proceed your tour plan without maps. Here we provide different maps with different range targeting people’s different demands, including the complete Silk Road map, China section map of Silk Road, middle part map of China Silk Road and Xinjiang map (west part of China Silk Road Tour).

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