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Dahaidao Route of Ancient Silk Road

In Xinjiang, there is a mysterious area where you will meet everything you can imagine about Gobi – The ghost city towering in Gobi in legend, the origin work of Nature the Yardang landform, the mirage, the herds of wild camels wandering relaxingly… All of these would be so dreamlike that you  may think it is not existed on earth till you witness them. But they are just what that are waiting for you on the Dahaidao Section of Ancient Silk Road.

Dahaudao is now a depopulated zone in Gobi area of Hami, Xinjiang. Today there stand a grand castle group remains. From which one can imagine its prosperousity in hundreds of years ago. Besides, it is the most secret route of the discovered 14 Silk Road Routes. Dahaidao Route of Silk Road started its service in the Han Dynasty in 2000 years ago, and due to its too much tough natural condition, it gradually lost its function after Tang Dynasty in about 1200 years ago. And Dahaidao was gradually forgotten by later generations.

With a straight-line distance of 500km, Dahaidao stretches between Dunhuang and Deghar Village in Turpan. Throughout its coverage it is depopulated area.

Dahaidao was named so because of Da Sha Hai (sea of sand). This route of Silk Road remains ruins of old castle group, beacon towers, posthouse, prehistoric human’s village, fossils, mirage, wild camels, and rare landsforms.

As one of the major route of Ancient Silk Road, though its extremely tough natural condition, quiet a few merchants traveled on this route. As a result, many handits also earned their lives on this route. They robbed the merchants and buried the illegal income in deep Gobi area. The attractive story, the mysterious landforms, and the legendary history of Dahaidao is gradually become a new favorite for Outdoor explorers.

Departing from Turpan, driving through Dahaidao and head for Dunhuang, the differences between various folks are also remarkable attractions one will experience. The most dangerous thing that driving through Dahaidao is no doubt the depopulated area. But when one finish his traveling through Dahaidao, he would be impressed by the endless beauties on this way.

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