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Zhangye , A Dreamlike World on Gobi

In ancient Chinese poem there is an expression like this: “If you don’t see the snow capped Qilian mountain, you may think Zhangye as South of Yangtze River”. In generations of people’s memory, Zhangye is a water town on the Gobi area. The city is both delicate and straightforward.

Only from the vast Gobi and desert, you will meet the most authentic attraction of the city. If it’s possible, make an appointment with your friends, travel to Zhangye to experience the lifetime things.

Go to Zhangye Danxia Geology park to appreciate the most beautiful sunset

In the Hexi Corridor, that rainbow mountain perfectly show off the beauty of nature. It likes a palette created by God, the ranges of mountains and colors are very grand and magnificent. Walking on the ancient route, and remote landscape looks dreamlike world.

Enjoy the autumn scenery in Mati Temple

In legend, a steed drank here and left his marks. In Chinese language, steed means Ma, so the temple here call Mati Temple. In autumn, Qilian Mountain is covered by snow but the mountain foot is still gold with various wild flowers. While the most eye-catching scenery is the grottoes and Buddha statues on cliffs. They are so amazing!

Challenge the violent horse in Danjun Stud Farm

At the foot of Qilian Mountain, under the floating clouds, the cattle abs sheep herds dotted in the vast pasture are so heart touching. If you like, you can pick a horse and take it to run on the grassland.

Take some picturesque photos for Pingshanhu Grand Valley

For the photography lovers, Pingshanhu Grand Valley is the same attractive as Zhangjiajie. But due to lack of promotion, it is not a popular tourist destination by now. In the grand valley, no matter you stand on the mountain top or walk in the deep valley, you will feel you are in a red mountain ranges sea which is full of the vicissitudes of time.

Observe the starry night in Qilian Mountain

Once you come to Qilian Mountain, you will have the chance to learn about the numberless stories and enjoy the endless scenery. The snow caps of the peaks are the lights in dark. The unique beautiful starry sky is only available in Qilian Mountain.

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