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Yili – A fairyland on Earth

Yili in northwest China is reputed as the “Southern Frontier”, which is never unearned reputation at all. It is a blessed land in Xinjiang, and the water island on the vast sea boasts affluent water and natural resource. If you’re planning Xinjiang tours China or north Xinjiang tours, Yili is one of charming Xinjiang places to visit. It has different sceneries in four seasons. Whichever season you come here, you will have an amazing experience.

If there must be a time choice to visit Yili within a year, August, September and October are the best. At this time, the pastoral area is green with flowers brocading the canvas, and all kinds of melon and fruit are ripe to be tasted on the market.

Zhaosu County used to be the dependent territory of Country Wusun, the largest ancient nomadic country in western China in history.

Zhaosu is a must-go place for every tourist who arrives in Yili. There’s a metaphor saying that”Yili belongs to Zhaosu in July and August”. But actually Zhaosu County is a part of Yili in administrative division.

The Zhaosu plateau is covered with constantly beauty when it comes July and August. The yellow Rape Flowers bloom throughout the mountain, with sunflower inlaid in them. Endless snow mountains are in the distance, people seem to be hooked in a fancy dream.

The stone figure of grassland, the mound tomb of grassland and the rock paintings are the three wonders in Zhaosu grassland.

Fruit Valley

The place used to be the throat of Silk Road in ancient times, it is now known as “the Number One View of Yili”. The mountains in the gully are imposing and flowers are blooming. Even though sitting in the car it brings you a sense of traveling in paradise when you see splendid scenery through the window.

The scenery in Fruit Valley is more like in Switzerland rather than in China. The origin of its name just as the name implies. There are numerous wild fruits, especially the wild apple and apricot. You will also catch a sight of many busy bee keepers, therefore you will get the chance to buy pure and high-quality honey. Owing to the variety of flowers, the honey here is more sweet than the nectar of Rape Flowers.

Sayram lake
Sayram lake is an alpine lake with the highest altitude, largest area and beautiful scenery in Xinjiang. It is also the place that the Atlantic warm current finally visited, so there is a saying of “the last drop of tears of the Atlantic “. It resembles a brilliant sapphire that is hanging highly in the faulted basin between Tianshan Mountain.

Tekes Trigram Town

The Tekes Eight-Diagrams Town is the only fully intact eight-diagrams city. According to the legend, it was first arranged by Qiu Chuji, one of the seven Taoist sons in Southern Song Dynasty. People cannot see the whole view of this Eight-Diagrams Town unless taking a plane over the town. There’s also a strange thing that no traffic lights existed in this town. Besides, visitors here are easy to get lost, which is regarded as the second strange place.

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