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Xinjiang’s Beauty in September

Each year when autumn is coming, Xinjiang will become a top travelling destination for photography lovers. They travel to Xinjiang with either friends or family, carrying various professional photo shooting equipments. They travel through cities, villages, mountain valleys, grasslands, and rivers… to catch the most beautiful sight they can find. Let’s see what they caught with their cameras in Xinjiang in this September.

NO.1  Kanas – the God’s Garden

If you are tired of the similar color of cities, if you are bored with flashing neon light, you may find something pleasant and satisfying in Kanas. Here you will meet the rich colors which are strong but will make you rather comfortable.

In September, the forest on bank of Kanas Lake like a picture which appears various colors, contrasting with the silver snow peak which has its reflection in the lake. That scenery equals to an eye-catching picture.

Kanas in September features at gold color. The sky becomes higher and there are less clouds, everything take on their unique color, among which gold is the major tone.

On the hill sides there stand thick virgin forests. Coniferous forest and broad-leaved forest spread along their certain latitudes, and above the forest there is mountain peaks with snow caps.

NO.2 Hemu Village – The Most Ancient Villages in the World

Hemu Village is a place which seems just exist in story. The villagers here are the pure Tuwa People who completely spend their life as their ancestors did in past thousands of years.

The village locates in the huge valley. In autumn, no matter from what aspect you see the village, your sight will be filled with bright and strong gold colors – the rivers, the wooden cottages, cooking smoke, forest, and villagers who are grazing their herds.

In the late afternoon, when villagers back from grazing, birch forest reflect setting un’s golden light. That create an elegant, peaceful, and colorful oil painting.

When you are tired of bustling of city life, it would be great idea to come to Hemu Village to lead farmer’s life for some days – climbing mountains and riding horses. The slow life and natural scenery will drive off all unpleasant feelings.

NO.3 Bayinbuluke Grassland – Lie on the Gold Grassland and Get Closer to Moon

Bayinbuluke is the 2nd largest grassland of China. It is also a popular tourist destination in Xinjiang in summer and autumn.

The grassland is embraced by snow peaks and is accompanied by lake. It is not only loved by local people and domestic travelers, it is also a relaxing stop for international travelers who travel along ancient Silk Road.

NO.4 Sayram Lake – The Last Drop Tear of Atlantic Ocean

In this spot which is called the last drop tear of Atlantic Ocean, the snow peaks, grassland, and sky-blue lake make a greatest beautiful scenery. Many people travel there exclusively for a sight of it.

Others may pass by the lake on their way. But the beauty of Sayram Lake can never be observed by just a hurry glimpse.

This dreamlike area treats people with heart-taking things in every corner. Some people even adjust their schedule so to spare more time for Sayram Lake to feel attraction of nature.

NO.5 Populus Euphratica Forest – Show You Toughness of Life

Populus Euphratica Forest exist like a poem, and it meet with people only once a year. It presents its beauty to people for tens of days in each autumn. Its beauty usually last shorter time than other things in autumn, but it never is less attractive than other things.

Populus Euphratica Forest attract people with its amazing looking, but more with its tough spirit. They mainly grow in desert and salt lick. The strong wind and floating sand can not damage their looking and their life. Instead, they can stand in desert for hundreds of years, even after death.

Populus Euphratica Forest is acknowledged as forest of hero. Each Populus Euphratica tree can protect the 600 square meters land. And a Populus Euphratica forest can stop wind & desert enlarging effectively.

Many people think one can not understand beauty of autumn if he missed the Populus Euphratica Forest. God gives the most attractive things to Populus Euphratica Forest.

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