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Xinjiang Tour Taboos

Xinjiang is the must go place for most Silk Road travelers. While as an autonomous region and ethnic minority’s community, Xinjiang has more taboos than any other Silk Road destinations. Taboo behaviors in this article apply to tour to Turpan, Urumqi, Kashgar, and all other parts of Xinjiang. Besides the things covered here, there are some other taboos for reference when you visit Xinjiang, they will be told by your local guide. Now, please check the exact Silk Road tips.

1. About Family Visiting

In some tours people may pay a visit to local Uyghur family. If so please keep these things in mind:

Do not stir or smell the food in dishes.

Do not touch their cookware.

Try to avoid have leftover in your bowl when the lunch finished.

Try to avoid drop food onto ground. If it happen please pick it up and put it on the table linen.

When you have Nang (a special backed pancake in Xinjiang) or steamed bread, please break it and take a piece to eat.
Please do not touch the family belongings without master’s allowance.

The Uyghur family usually perform prayer when the lunch is over. Please do not look around, make noise, or walk in the home.

When the family members offer you tea or anything else, please take it with both your hands. Taking over things from others with one hand is regarded impolite.

You are expected to wash hands before and after the lunch. Please dry your hand with towel instead of shaking your hands.

2. Do not gaze at others

Please do not gaze at Uyghur people or their belongings. When paying visit to a bazaar, if you don’t want to buy a thing, please do not looking at it for long time. Otherwise you will cause problem – The shop keeper or street-stand keeper will argue with you or even give you the stick. People think that behave is related to religious belief of Uyghur people. Uyghur people is munch more valiant than people in other places.

3. Do not make wind in public

It apply to visit to anywhere due to courteous reason. While farting in Mosque is strictly forbidden. Because any time in a Mosque there are Muslims finished washing and ready to perform prayer. If your farting is realized by a Muslim who finished washing just now, they will must re-wash their body again and then go to do prayer.

4. Do not Hug children without Permission

Children are always loved buy lots of people. If you happen to meet a Uyghur kid, do not take photo of him or take the photo with him because it may scare the kid. And do not try hug the kid you meet. Uyghur people think it may bring illness to the kid.


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