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Xinjiang Snowed in Mid May

In most areas of China, may is starting month of summer. But in Xinjiang, it unexpectedly snowed and the accumulated snow reached 20cm. To local people, it was the 18th time in 2019 that Xinjiang felt to enter summer. Return to winter from summer in only one night! But that is true in Xinjiang! But since the vast area of Xinjiang, when it snowed in some place, other places are still proceeding to colorful summer days. Let’s see some pictures full of contrasting attraction.

Jiangbulake Scenic Area after Snow

Desert after Snow

Burjin Grassland after Snow

Altai Mountain in May – waiting for summer

Zhunger Basin – picturesque flower sea

Tarim Basin – Looks the world here are still enjoy it’s spring days

Then what are Xinjiang people doing in these days? They wear heavy jacket in morning and change to summer T-shirt at noon. Why? The remarkable daily temperature difference force them do this. If you travel to Xinjiang in these days, you may meet an interesting thing – Xinjiang people are enjoying watermelon by fire. Do not be surprised. If you live in Xinjiang, you may also do as them, hahaha

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