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Xian – Yinchuan Bullet Train will Open in 2020

Xian and Yinchuan are both well known Silk Road cities along ancient Silk Road. Xian is the starting point of Silk Road in East. And Yinchuan, as capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is a famous Muslim city in China. Take a traveling to Yinchuan you will get a better understand of China’s multi-culture. At present, there are two major transportation method between the two cities – Overnight train and Flight. The overnight train cost 14 hours. Since the flight needs quest long waiting time in the flight, and airport usually locates relatively far from city area, flight is also not very convenient.

The good news is coming! The situation will change by end of 2019. When the bullet train between the two cities opens by end of 2019, the travel time would be shortened to 3 hours. The lway covers a total distance of 617km and the bullet train stops at 20 stops, they are Xian Bei – Xianyang Beiyuan – Liquan Nan – Qianxian – Yongshou Xi – Bingxian Dong – Ningxian – Qingyang – Qingcheng – Quzi – Huanxian – Hongde – Tianshuibu – Huianbu – Baitugang – Wuzhong – Lingwu Bei – Hedong Airport – Yinchuan Dong – Yinchuan. It would be a great chance to have a look of scenery of Northwest China.

And the estimated ticket price of 2nd class set for adult would be less than CNY300 per person.

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