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What to See in Qinghai in August

In August, Qinghai’s summer comes to its close. Everything on Qingzang Plateau grasp the last chance to present their beauty. In the wild cool wind, the landscape and scenery create an amazing oil painting.

Most of time, people like Qinghai because of Qinghai Lake and the vast area of rape flower. But when you travel to Qinghai, you will find there are still so many other dreamlike beautiful things worth your attention.

Zhuo’er Mountain

Zhuo’er Mountain belongs to Danxia Landform. In Tibetan language the mountain is called Zongmumayouma which means beautiful queen. Here you will meet gorgeous natural scenery, clear sky and white floating cloud. A place full of romantics.

Niu Xin Mountain

Niu Xin Mountain towers opposite to Zhuo’er Mountain. In local legend, Zhuo’er Mountain and Niu Xin Mountain are couples, they lies on opposite bands of Babao River to guard the mountain ranges and rivers of Qinlian.

Qilian Mountain Ranges

In the rolls of Qilian Mountain Ranges, you will be surprised by picturesque scenery here and there. Boundless wild flowers cover the mountain hills and plants and grasses dotted among the flowers. That is really pleasing to eyes!

Yadan Landform in Water

It is said Yadan Landform in Qinghai is a wonder land on earth. The unique scenery by nature attracted many independent travelers. It is not only about visual shock, when it blows hard, the weeping-like sounds is quite creepy.

Chaka Sault Lake

Chaka Sault Lake is called Mirror of Heaven. It is one of the most expected destinations in Qinghai. It is so beautiful that it looks like a dream world in picture. In Chaka Sault Lake you will definitely take the most beautiful pictures. Except for Chaka Sault Lake, there are also several other lakes of unmatchable beauty – Chaerhan Sault Lake, Dachadan Feicui Lake… Each lakes has its unique attractive scenery.

Zhaling Lake & Eling Lake

They are both source lake of Yellow River. And they are holy lakes in Tibetan people’s mind. They treat visitors with unique scenery of plateau lakes.

Ta’er Monastery

In Ta’er Monastery, the pagoda was built in ahead of the monastery. In the monastery, you will appreciate the vivid butter sculpture, you will enjoy the colorful applique embroidery. And the murmurous patter attracts each visitors into the mysterious spiritual world.


Maybe you have never thought you will meet a piece of land that has the same scenery with what you can see in southern China. But in Menyuan you will! The flowers, plants, and grasses are hero of the boundless beauty.

Jinyintan Grassland

In August, Jinyintan Grassland treat people with pleasant flower fragrance. To north it is the snowcapped Qilian Mountain Ranges, and to its south lies tranquil Qinghai Lake. You will find another you – pure, happy, simple in the Jinyintan Grassland.

Heima River

It is a typical plateau river, what makes it unique is the herds of yaks and goats. It seems one can touch the cloud if he raise hands. The colorful sutra streamer whirring in the wind. Every thing is clean, simple and tranquil there.

Arou Dasi Monastery

When one drives from Menyuan to Qilian, he will pass by the monastery, but very few people go in the visit. Arou Dasi Monastery used to be the largest camp monastery in the world. As time goes by, the monastery declined. Now the monastery looks shabby, but it is tranquil and solemn.

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