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What to See and Eat in Karamay

Karamay is one of popular Silk Road tour destinations besides Urumqi, Turpan, and Kashgar. The city lies in the northwest bridge of Zhunge’er Basin. before the establishment of New China, most part of today’s Karamy City were desert and Gobi. Since 1950s, due to the exploration of petroleum, Karamay grew into a modern civilized city.

Besides the rich source of petroleum, as a popular tourist destination, Karamy has many special things worthy of trying. Here are some useful Xinjiang travel guide about Karamy we collected from our own experience, suggestions from local tour guides or feedback from our customers.

What to see in Xinjiang Karamy – Urho Ghost City

Urho Ghost City locates 90km north to Karamy City. The groups of large scale statues created by nature are the most highlight things here. They will remind people of the change of the sea and land. Here is loved by lots of people, especially by most photography lovers. Besides the various natural statues Urho Ghost City has rich petroleum and natural bitumen. Walk further tourists will see the towering derricks and mini live communities of workers. Keywords of Urho Ghost City: rare landform appreciating, industrial sightseeing.

What to Eat in Karamy:

In Karamay there are over 30 ethnics: Han people, Uyghur people, Hui people, Xibo people, Russia Ethnic, etc. These ethnics bring their food culture there. So in Karamay one can easily find many classic Chinese cuisines such as Sichuan food and Shandong food. While if you come to Karamy, Muslim food can never be missed.

Niangpizi (a kind of Cold Noodles)

You may have already tried cold noodles in Xian. If you are a food lover, having a share of Ningpizi your taste buds will be surprised by another kind of cold noodles. Niangpizi likes normal cold noodles in some extent, but it is thicker and more willowy.

Pa’er Muding

Pa’er Muding is the traditional snack of Uyghur people. Well cooked Pa’er Muding looks golden and taste crispy. The filling meet can always satisfy people with juicy taste. In many eateries in Karamy people can find it.


In Xinjiang, no matter where you go, you could find Nang, a kind of crusty pancake. It is also the main food of Xinjiang people. “Nang” is the pronunciation in Uyghur Language and if translated into English it is toasted crusty pancake. No rice for one day is ok to Uyghur people but no Nang for one day is intolerable for them. Trying a Nang you will have the impression of the most classic Xinjiang food.

Toast Mutton

Cut the mutton and beef into pieces and then string them with a fine stick. Toasting them on the rectangular open flame oven for several minutes. When toasting put some powdered spices, salt, and cumin powers to the string it will be more than delicious!

So if you are looking for Xinjiang places to visit, Karamy should be taken in account for you.

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