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What to Drink in Xinjiang

You may have flipped through all kinds of Xinjiang travel guide and know something about Xinjiang. For most travelers, sightseeing and trying authentic local food are the most important during one’s Xinjiang Tour. Besides that, taking in some fluids is also of importance because Xinjiang is drier than other areas in China. Then what special drinks we could have in Xinjiang? You might miss some drinks the real locals love without a native Xinjiang tour guide. This Silk Road travel blog picks the popular drinks in Xinjiang for you.


In Xinjiang, Kawas is the best partner of toasted mutton. The main ingredients of Kawasi are Mountain blossom honey, hops, grains, berries, white sugar, brown sugar. And it is brewed with several kinds of Lactic Acid Bacteria and microzyme. It tastes faintly bitter, a little sour, and sweet. Levels of alcohol in that nutritious drink is around 1% and is welcomed for people in all ages. Kawas will introduce you to the most honest flavor of Xinjiang.


Sanpaotai is a kind of tea served in covered tea sets. It is the traditional drink of Hui People. Usually in a cup of Sanpaotai there are Pu Erh Tea, Maojian Tea, rock sugar, red jujube, longan, feverfew, walnut-meat, and medlar. And people could adjust its taste by control quantity of each material.

Tea with Milk

Tea with Milk is the daily drink of minor ethnic peoples in Xinjiang. Breaking the brick tea and heating it. When it is boiled pour some fresh milk into the tea soup. Continuing heating for some time, then put some salt and the Tea with milk will be ready. If you pay a visit to local family in Altai Region of Xinjiang, you will probably greeted by a bowl of unique tea with milk.


It is the name of a kind of local ice cream in Tacheng Region of Xinjiang. Tacheng produces high quality milk. When the traditional cooking method meet the high quality material, the tasty Maluoshi becomes the card of local food. The unique ice cream takes milk, egg, and granulated sugar as the ingredients. Once you have a bite of it, your mouth will be filled with dense fragrance of milk and egg.


Manaizi is the favorite drink among Kazakan nationality, Mongol nationality, and Khalkhas nationality. It is fermented with horse milk and the level of alcohol is 1.5-3%. Reach people tries it will be impressed by its unique flavor: faintly sour and salt. If you have a slight case of indigestion, a bowl of Manaizi will help you solve the problem.

Luobuma Tea

If you have interest in Chinese tea, Luobuma tea will be worthy of trying. You will find in different areas of China there are various unique teas. Luobuma is a kind of rare plant growing in desert or mountainous area. In northern China Luobuma is widly spread, but the best ones grow in Xinjiang. The major producing area of Luobuma in Xinjiang is along the Talimu River.

Carrot Juice

Carrot is a pure vegetable juice made from carrot. It is much nutritious. Generally people think Carrot juice is good for sights, beauty-keeping, and anti-cancer.

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