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What if Alexander the Great Met Chinese Army

In Western world there were 4 outstanding military commanders: Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon. After unifying Greece, Alexander the Great began the Eastern Expedition soon. He conquered Persian Empire and the ancient Mesopotamia, and in a few years his army invaded ancient India.

After conquered ancient India Alexander the Great stopped expedition. There are mainly two explanations about the retreat: A. The military commander and soldiers were homesick. B. They didn’t know existence of China or wrongly thought India as China. Actually by that time China has already developed into a powerful nation in Eastern world. So some people raise the question: What if Alexander the Great meet Chinese army during his Eastern Expedition?

Alexander the Great’s Eastern Expedition lasts from 334BC to 324BC, at that time China was in its Warring Period. If Alexander the Great set his troops further to east, he would probably meet Qin State who unified China later and established the first feudal dynasty in Chinese history. In the year 334BC – 324BC Qin Station was in era of Xiaogong and Qin State was in process of growing into a powerful force. At that time, the first Chinese emperor, Qinshihuang, was not born yet. His mausoleum is the famous Chinese statues underground – Terracotta Army. Some may ask who used the Terracotta Warriors. Actually, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses were built for the purpose of protecting the emperor in the afterlife. to In 331BC Alexander the Great invaded Persian Empire, and Qin State beat Yiju Kingdom which neighbored Qin State to west. In 327BC Qin State set administrative department in Yiju Kingdom and in the same year Alexander the Great arrived ancient India.

Lots of history lovers raise a question: What would history be like if Alexander the Great had once met Chinese army? And most of them give similar answer:

Opinion 1: Macedonia army would have no chance to conquered China. If they tried so, the huge population of China would strike back like bees.

Opinion 2: Population is the crucial factor in cold weapon ages. If China set troops to the West, western civilization would possibly be killed off. If Alexander the Great tried to invade China, Chinese civilization would shade remarkable influence to Western civilization.

Opinion 3: If Alexander the Great continue going eastward he would meet Qin State, the most forceful state in China at that time. There must be some fierce battles till both parties were exhausted. And probably Qin State would win because Alexander the Great had 50 thousand soldiers while Qin State has about 500 thousand soldiers.

Opinion 4: If Alexander the Great invade China, Chinese territory may be extended to Mediterranean Sea as the result of counterattack.

Thanks to God that didn’t happen in history. If Alexander the great really meet Chinese troops, either Western civilization or Eastern civilization would be seriously damaged.

What is your opinion. We welcome you write down your idea below.

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