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Welcome to Xinjiang in Winter

Are you planning to visit Xinjiang? Do you know what to see in Xinjiang? For most people, autumn is the most beautiful season of Xinjiang, because they never see the winter scenery there.

In winter days, Xinjiang becomes a world of black and white – a pure and noble land in silver and white clothing. In the bright sunlight, the mountains and forest are covered with layered snow. If you missed the chance to appreciate its colorful autumn, you may catch the chance to enjoy the dreamlike wonderland in winter. The followings are some Xinjiang beautiful places which will surprise you with another side in freezing winter.

The Swan Lake

The Swan Lake in Yili is a place less bothered by tourists. The lake is named so because the lake is a habitat of thousands of swans. The special climate feature and abundant moisture make frosted trees a common view in winter.

In the morning fog, the swans and the rime here create a picturesque scenery. The charming lake scenery and the elegant swans are the most highlight things here. Looking from afar, the swans dotted on lake are just like white sails.

Populus euphratica forest

The tough diversifolious poplars look more powerful in the snow world.

In the pure silver world, the towering diversifolious poplars are extremely staring. And they add some romantic taste to the noiseless desert.

Hemu Village

The cold weather and frequent snowfall in winter days drive most tourists off. The village return to its original appearance – tranquil and simple.

Standing on the sightseeing platform in entry of the village, one will find the rows of frame houses which often appear in fairy tales.

Walking through the village you will explore the folk dwellings in close distance.

Kanas Lake

As is known to all the best time to visit Kanas Lake is in late summer and early autumn when the lake area has the must colorful things. As soon as the winter comes, Kanas Lake will close till the next spring. While there are still a few photography lovers trek there to witness the unique winter scenery.

In winter the Kanas Lake looks more fresh and elegant. The snowy mountains, the huge mushroom-like snowdrifts, and the vast virgin forest covered with snows make everyone coming there exciting.

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