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Urumqi – Chongqing Train Riding Time Will be 15 Hours Less

After the 9-year construction, Lanyu Railway (Lanzhou – Chongqing Highway) was opened on September 29th, 2017. From Oct 12th, Xinjiang Railway Bureau will undertake the 8th-time adjustment of passenger train graph. After the adjustment, 5 trains from Xinjiang to Chongqing will move to Lanyu Railway (Lanzhou – Chongqing Railway), and the train riding distance and time will be remarkably shortened. As the result, the traveling time and transportation cost will also be lowered for the people who visit Xinjiang.

The 5 adjusted trains are: Korla – Chengdu K454/1, K452/3; Urumqi – Chengdu K2060/57, K2058/9, Urumqi – Chongqing Bei K544/3, Urumqi – Chongqing K1584/3; Urumqi – Kunming K1504/1, K1502/3. That means tourists on Urumqi tour traveling by that train will save 30% of the time on the train.

By now the trains from Urumqi to Chengdu, Chongqing, and Kunming were shortened 10 -15 hours. The train benefits most is K1584 which runs from Urumqi to Chonging. The current train riding time is 50 hours 4 minutes, after the adjustment finished, the train riding time will be shortened to 35 hours 18 minutes. That means tourists traveling by that train will save 30% of the time on the train.

Except for the traveling time decrease, the train ticket cost also becomes relative lower. For example, K2060/57 (Wurumqi – Chengdu) will charge CNY285.5 for hard seat, CNY483.5 for hard sleeper upper bed, CNY499.5 for hard sleeper mid bed, and CNY516.5.5 for hard sleeper lower bed. The prices will be CNY28, CNY46, CNY48, CNY50, CNY73 and CNY75 less respectively.

Except the passenger train graph adjustment, Xinjiang Railway Bureau will open one more train between Korla and Aksu: K9759, K9760. The train K9759 departs Korla at 09:46 and arrives Aksu at 16:10. The train K9760 departs Aksu at 17:10 and arrives Urumqi at 22:55.

The shorter train riding time is no doubt a good news for Silk Road tour tourists. With the shortened train riding distance time, will you prefer a Silk Road train tours to Xinjiang?

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