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Top Ten Beautiful Roads in Xinjiang B

In the last blog, we have traveled five of the top ten beautiful roads in Xinjiang and maybe someone who is interested in Silk Road can’t wait to pay a visit to Xinjiang. However, the roads introduced last time don’t include all beautiful roads in Xinjiang. Today, I will talk about the rest five in this Silk Road travel blog.

Xin-Zang Expressway

Xin-Zang Expressway is a new section of National Highway 219 which opened in 1957. It is one of the most important routes to enter Tibet. It is also the world’s highest highway with an average elevation of 4500 meters, and the annual average temperature of – 9 ° C.

The section of Xin-Zang Expressway in Xinjiang is long and desolate, which passes only three villages and one town, mostly no man’s land. It is the world’s highest mountain and the most dangerous route to enter Tibet. If you are daring enough, you can choose this highway to try driving the Silk Road.

The Tarim Desert Highway

The Tarim Desert Highway is the world’s longest road built in a mobile desert with a total length of 522 kilometers and 446 kilometers of the road crosses the flowing desert, which starts from the east of National Highway 314 in northern Luntai county, traverses four oil fields and the Taklamakan desert, meets National Highway 315 at Minfeng county, and runs through the Tarim basin from north to south.

For tourists who are eager to cross the Tarim Desert, the Tarim Desert Highway is undoubtedly the best choice. It will take about five hours to drive through the desert. Additionally, fantastic desert landscapes and thousands-year poplars can be seen along the way.

Yizhao Road

The Yizhao Road, a section of the ancient Silk Road also called “Gongyue Road”, is known as one of the most beautiful roads in xinjiang.

Many travelers set foot on this road only to see the sea of flowers in Zhaosu, but they fall into the beauty of this road unexpectedly. Along the road, there are high mountains, meadows, snowcapped peaks, fir forests, gobi and flower sea.

Hemu Road

Hemu Road starts from Tielshah Khan of Kanas Scenic Area connecting to S232 line (Kanas-Burjin Tourist Road), and ends at the center of Hemu village, with a total length of about 49 kilometers.

Hemu Road is the only road for more than one thousand local residents and tourists to get to the scenic area from Hemu village. It blends with the surrounding woodland landscape, as if a special gift that nature has given to the winding mountain.

Saiguo Expressway

Saiguo Expressway is the first mountainous expressway in Xinjiang, and the first highway that runs through Tianshan Mountain and connects with bridge tunnel, with a total length of 56.2 kilometers.

Saiguo Expressway seems not only a road, but also a gorgeous scenic corridor, which is known as “China’s most colorful expressway”. Considering the tourists’ need to visit the lake, the highway has also designed an exit at the lakeside. When passengers are tired after a long drive, they can go to the lake directly and relax in the marvelous scenery.

The scenery of roads in Xinjiang is different from that in other places and it is hard to appreciate it without going there. Hope everyone can experience the pretty scenery of these roads in person after reading this blog. It is never too late to travel to Xinjiang. Amazing natural scenery is waiting for you along Xinjiang Silk Road.

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