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Top Ten Beautiful Highways in Xinjiang A

It is said that the most beautiful scenery is always on the road. Only by stop-and-go can you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the world. Today we collect some interesting guides for those who plan a tour to Xinjiang, a scenic northwestern province of China and a crucial section of Silk Road in China, in which every place has its own cultural landscape, and every place along the road is a moving picture. Here are the top ten beautiful roads that should not be missed in a lifetime for Xinjiang travel. If you decide to travel to Silk Road by car, this blog may be a useful help.


Beijing – Urumqi Expressway

Across the vast expanse of heaven and earth, a jade belt winds its way from the boundless sands and the barren gobi to the edge of sky. That is Beijing – Urumqi Expressway, which is also called the Jingxin Expressway that connects Beijing and Xinjiang. It opened in July 2017 measuring 2,540 km in length and running through Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei and Beijing.

Along the whole expressway, you will pass through 10 kinds of sights: grasslands, rivers, forests, deserts, gobi, lakes, glaciers, mountains, villages and cities.

Duku Highway

Duku Highway, the section of National Highway 217 between Dushanzi and Kuqa, is an important trunk line connecting the northern and southern Xinjiang. In order to build this road, tens of thousands of officers have worked hard for 10 years and 168 of them have given their lives. It is a road of heroism that also brings together all the breathtaking scenery of Xinjiang.

More than half of the Duku Highway is located in the mountains and deep river valleys. Landslides, avalanches and other disasters have damaged the road for many years.

Narati Dragon Valley Road

Through Duku Highway, you can meet the breathtaking scenery just 22 kilometers away from Narati Tourist Service Center. Here you will once again be on a scenic road – Narati Dragon Valley Road. Along this road, we can feel the customs and characteristics of 16 ethnic groups in the Ili River Valley, enjoy the landscapes of deep mountains and big valleys integrated with nature, and experience the wonderful enjoyment of the combination of man and nature, which is regarded as “ecological corridor” of the ecological diversity of the Ili River Valley.

Autumn Nalati Grassland is full of charm. And in this atmosphere, Narati Dragon Valley Road winds as a giant dragon in the depths of the Tian Mountain.

The S101 Provincial Road

The S101 Provincial Road, also known as the National Defense Highway, which starts from Sulfonic Valley in Urumqi and ends at Dushanzi, with a total length of 308 kilometers. It is called “the geographical landscape corridor of the north slope of Tian Mountain”.

The scenery along the road is infinite, but the physiognomy is extremely complex and changeable. In the right side of the road, it has always been snow mountain, the grassland, Danxia landforms with spectacular canyons, quiet reservoirs, unique peaks and colorful land, making people shocked by the mysterious power of nature.

Qing-Xin Expressway

Qing-Xin Expressway is the section of National Highway 315 between Qinghai and Xinjiang, which starts from South Xinjiang and ends at Xining, Qinghai. Extending east and west along the Kunlun Mountain in Xinjiang, it passes through the ruins of Hotan, crosses the Wild Camel Natural Reserve of Lop Nur, turns over Altun Mountain, one of the four great no-man’s areas in China, passes through the Qaidam Basin, and bypasses the Qinghai Lake.

This is the first section of top ten beautiful roads in Xinjiang, and the following part including the famous 219 Road China will be introduced in next blog. Please keep following us.

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