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Top 20 Beautiful Lakes in Xinjiang II

This blog continues to collect the Xinjiang beautiful places about lake to inspire you what to see in Xinjiang when you plan to visit Xinjiang. Let’s go!

Barkol Lake—the Green Waves in Hinterland of East Tianshan Mountain

Barolk Lake suites at the hinterland of East Tianshan Mountain, lying on the Barkol prairie like a bright mirror. Summer is the best time to visit the Barkol Lake when you can also witness the beauty of “Green Ocean”—Barkol prairie as well. Wind blowing over the grassland causes dense green waves rolling up and down, matching well with the breezing lake and lively swans, birds and grand snowy pinnacles. Sky here is purely blue and grass quite green, where indeed is worthy of visit.

Dawakun Lake—the Blue Waves in the Golden Desert

Dawakun Lake locates in the desert of Kashgar, from far away, like a blue gem embedded in the golden desert with lake water rippling and sparkling. You can choose to take a boat on the lake to enjoy the light and refreshing breezing, to taste the local delicious food in the yurts on the banks or to have a sunbath there.

Eric Lake—A Pearl Embedded in the Desert

Eric Lake is a natural and undeveloped lake in Xinjiang. It is the only lake in the Karamay Desert, near to the Devil City of Urhay. Without any artifact or disturbance of noisy tourist, Eric Lake is place more peaceful than Erhai which allows you to enjoy all of it. Free and lively birds, pure and cool water, colorful stones picking up from the lake, which will let you know what a wonderland is if you witness all of these by your eyes.

Balkhash Lake—a Magic Lake mixed with Salty and Fresh Water

Balkhash Lake has the unique distinction of magically holding a half salty water and fresh water. It is an inland ice-dammed lake. Flowing through Ili River of Xiangjiang, it receives a mass of ice and snow melting water from Tianshan Mountain.

Ulungur Lake

Ulungur Lake consists of two parts: Dahaizi and Xiaohaizi. The two lakes are translucent emeralds embedded on the Altay Prairie. Xiaohaizi is paradise for birds with high-quality water and dense grass of its east bank and both sides of its mouth. Wild ducks, sea mews, white swans and some other birds settle down here, some rare fishes also take it as their paradise. Viewing all the lakes with your own eyes, you will be amazing at the peaceful and animated atmosphere of this natural site.

Jili Lake—an Entertaining Paradise for Children in Summer

Jili Lake is called Xiaohaizi, as a part of Ulungur Lake. The whole lake is quite calm and sometimes wrinkles its face when there is slight breeze brushing from the lake level, and then the mirror-like lake becomes a fabric work with dense rhombic ripples arrayed upon the lake surface, as if some skillful hands are knitting. You won’t feel boring in a whole afternoon to gaze on these wonderful natural works.

Jingyuhu—the Rare Yin Yang Lake Created by the Nature

Jingyuhu (The Whale Lake) lies in the southeast of Altun Mountains Natural Conservation Area, 4708m over than the sea level. It is a magic “Yin Yang” lake in Xinjiang, divided into a two different lakes by a natural arenaceous dyke. The east lake has freshwater poured by the melted snow and ice while the west lake is salty and has no any alive creatures here.  The whole lake earns its name Jingyulake with its whale-like shape and Yin Yang Lake with its strange unique features.

Xiangsi Lake—Lake Bearing Lovesickness

The picturesque boundless expanse of blue water embedded on the earth of Yanqi, easily causes the visitors’ lovesickness for their loved ones when in its unique atmosphere. The vast Xiangsi Lake water is clear and free of all pollution. When the rays of the dawning sun bathed the lake, the glittered ripples like gems attract wild geese in couples to take adventures from the comfortable thick grass on the beach, looking quite lovey-dovey.

Yileimu Lake—Fairyland Embraced by Mountains

Hidden away inside of mountains, though there are little people treated, the supreme beauty of Yileimu Lake is difficult to disguise. Standing aside the lake, whatever you look is mirror-like lake while some riffles secretly reveals its passion. God grants the most beautiful due and spirituality. Springs see its pure blue water undulating; summer smiles at wild ducks playing water; autumn waves hit the banks, winter embraces the fisher boats. A place where you learn what a wonderland is

Tuolekule Lake—Splendid and Colorful Lake

Tuolekule Lake also named Colorful Lake is a magic lake without inlet and outlet, bred by underground spring water. Another magic of this lake is that it tends to take on distinct color when the weather changes. Blue in sunny day; gloomy red with green as background at dusk; pink when it winds and purple in the rains.

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