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Top 20 Beautiful Lakes in Xinjiang I

Xinjiang, an amazing land, could satisfy your all imagination about the beautiful scenery. It’s a place where icebergs coexists with Gobi, desert neighbors with oasis, lakes back at snowy mountains. There are marvelous beauty hidden in the grand mountains, such as Kunlun Mountains, the Altai Mountains and Tianshan Mount. Here are the top 20 beautiful lakes in Xinjiang to show you the splendid lakes scattered on the highland.

Sayram Lake—the Last Teardrop of Atlantic

Sayram Lake is in Bozhou of Xinjiang, 600kn far from Urumqi. With the snowy mountains at back and vast grassland covering both the banks, Sayram Lake seems to be a wonderland, pure and blue water wrinkled by the light breeze and the feasted flocks and herds leisurely flicking their tails. The grassland grows into the fine pasture in summer, thus the time from June to July is the best time to visit here when the colorful flowers popping out all over with the glittering snowy mountains as the background.

Heavenly Lake—Abode of the Mythical Western Mother Goddess

Heavenly Lake Xinjiang, called Tianchi Xinjiang is a famous tourist attraction of Xianjiang, located at the north of Mount Bogda, Mount Tianshan. The lake water is so pure that its surface seems to be a nice canvas with the Mount Bogda clearly painted on it. The hills envelope the lake in their soft embrace, doing a make-up for it with their tall and green trees spreading all over, just looking like a fairyland. The best time to visit the Heaven Lake is afternoon when the sun rays are gentle and the lake water also is shrouded in green hue near and blue at distance.

Kanas Lake—Heaven on Earth

Kanas Lake hides its way in the dense forest of mountains in Altay, enchanting people by the mysterious lake monster, changeable water color and splendid landscapes here. Taking an overlook from the Guanyutai of Camel Peak at the west bank of the lake, your eyes and heart will be striked by the fair crescent Kanas Lake which is formed by the Immortal Bay, Moon Bay and Lying Dragon Bay. Kanas Lake tour is also more and more popular for travelers who want to go to Xinjiang.

Bosten Lake—Pearl in the Desert

The world famous Bosten Lake is the largest inland freshwater lake in China, renowned as the “West Ocean” in the ancient time. It sustains a quite good ecology, a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters, boundless blowing reeds with the wind, and flocks of birds playing with water. Raising your eyes to behold the distant snowy mountains and withdrawing eye sights onto the nearby golden desert, the scenes create an illusion to the visitors that you are in the misty regions south of the Yangtze River but not the open and magnificent West Regions.

Swan Lake—the Most Beautiful Myth of Bayanbulak

Swan Lake of Bayanbulak is the only natural reserve for swans in China, inhabited by Chinese largest wild swan population. Consisted of many interlinked small lakes, Swan Lake entertains the visitors with the inverted images of white clouds in these lakes, big or small. The swans also greet the visitors from the whole world with their elegant figures and beautiful dancing moves.

Karakuri Lake—the “Dark Lake” at the Foot of Father on Iceberg

Karakuri Lake also named Karakul is a high mountain moraine lake. It locates at the foot of the Father on Iceberg, 191km far from Kashgar and crossed by the Sino-Pakistan Highway.

Karakuri means “Dark Ocean”, which is corresponded to its appearance: the water is deep and unfathomable, the grass growing well on the banks where Kirgiz shepherds usually stay for grazing. The Lake embraces the inverted images of the snowy pinnacles, green grass and leisure flocks and herds when sunny days while it turns to be dark and bleak in the rainy days.

Ebinur Lake—the Largest Salty Lake in Xinjiang

Ebinur is a touch of blue at the south of Junggar Basin on the map. As the biggest salty lake of Xinjiang, Ebinur Lake has rich water resources to offer a fine habitat with the high-quality forage for the wild animals, such as red deer, Mongolian gazelle, hare and wild duck. Besides, there also are forget-me-not, Senecio groundsel herb and violet and so on, decorating it as a fairyland.

Aydingkol Lake—the Lowest Inland Lake in China

Aydingkol Lake is the lowest inland lake nationwide. From afar, all is the silver-white salt crystalline in the lake, which makes the lake like a bright moon, then the name of “Moonlight Lake”. The outside circle of Aydingkol Lake is lacustrine plain with saline land on the surface of earth, and the middle circle is salt marsh and sludge under it. People hardly walk into it except in the winter.

Baishahu (White Sand Lake) —the Water Wonderland in the Highland of the World

Baishahu is a magic and fantastic lake. The magic thing is that it lies in the vast desert without any water inlet and outlet visible but keeps the steady water level for years. The fantastic thing is that the scenes here is quite amazing and wonderful, the dense reeds, wild lotus blossoming in June, free wild ducks playing water on the lake surface and the birds flying over it, all of this pictures pose striking beauty to the visitors.

Yaze Lake—Bright Water in Kanas

Yaze Lake is right in the scenic region of Kanas and earns its name as there are a large number of wild ducks on the lake. The scene is grand and majestic when flocks of wild ducks and geese perch and multiply in summers. Now it becomes vast marsh because the river changed its channel. The wet land stretches to reach a large filed of grass where some forging cows leisurely spend their time.

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