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Things to Do in Qinghai in Summer

Qinhai-Tibet Plateau is known is “Roof of the World” and “the 3rd Pole of the Earth” due to its high altitude. On that world famous plateau, there are 2 Province Region of China, one is Tibet, and another one is Qinghai.

Because of the relatively high latitude and altitude, summer of Qinghai is cooler and more pleasant than many other areas in China. In the burning summer days, if you are looking for a cool and refreshing China tour, Qinghai Tour would be an ideal idea. Qinghai in July resembles a color palette, which will provide you with a breathtaking color feast. Although there are many other gorgeous places in July in China, without any doubt, Qinghai is the most worthwhile one to visit. Now you may want to know more about Qinghahi attractions.

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is the most sought-after Xining tourist attraction. In addition to the annual round-lake race and rape flower, Qinghai Lake in different seasons shows the world her unique beauty. There are many people who worship around the lake. They pay their respects and admiration to the lake in their own way. It is said that Qinghai Lake is like a girl holding many secrets deeply in her mind. She always relates her story with different blue colors.

Ta’er Lamasery
Ta’er Lamasery has an unique background, because it is the birthplace of the founder of the Gelug sect, master Zongkaba. Therefore this temple has also become one of the six monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism. Through its golden roof, you can feel the rich deposits of history and religious art. Not only tourists are tempted to visit the lamasery, but also many simple local Tibetan people come here to worship.

Chaka Salt Lake 
Chaka Salt Lake, owns the reputation of “Mirror of the Sky” in China. If you come here to take photos, you’d better wear bright-color clothes, you will be stunning to see the eventual pictures. Chaka Salt Lake is between the branch of Qilian Mountain and Kunlun Mountain. The two mountains are covered with snow all year round, and the snow mountain reflects over the lake, forming the unique natural scenery of the plateau where the water and sky intersect and the salt lake with the snow peak meet together.

Some people said that only when you come to Menyuan, you will truly understand what is “Flowers bloom into the sea, missing aggregates to disaster”. Driving along the road, the plain view as far as you can see is all flowers, which makes you drown in the sea of flowers.

Heaven realm Qilian
Qilian county is located in the northeast of Qinghai province. It is named after the Qilian Mountain across from its northwest to southeast. Snow mountains crisscross the territory. With abundant species and diversified ecological system, it is one of the most intact areas of primitive ecology in the world. Rendered by literati’s pen, it owns the fame of “plateau pearl”, “Heaven realm Qilian” and “Little Switzerland of the east”.

Hoh Xil
Hoh Xil, at the beginning of 21st century, is the well preserved natural reserve for world’s primitive and ecological environment, is also one of a built natural reserve with China’s largest area, highest altitude, and the most abundant for wildlife resources. Meantime, Hoh Xil is one of the largest no-man land areas in China. Due to its dangerous natural environment, it is regarded as a paradise for explorers and researchers.

Kanbula National Forest Park
The Kanbula National Forest Park is centered on the Yellow River reservoir, which is surrounded by steep and red peaks covered by Danxia landform. There are also dense woods in the mountains and forests. When the leaves turn golden and bright in autumn, the landscape alternating with leaves appears an incredible beauty. It’s also a place beyond compare for shooting.

Haizi’s poem made DLHA famous overnight. This place, surrounded by the gobi and the grasslands, becomes more poetic. This is a desolate city in the rain. You can see magnificent mountain view by opening any window facing north in the city. Not far from DLHA, Keluke Lake is like a small Qinghai Lake, rippled by blue waves and reeds, it is quiet, low- profile and undisturbed.

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