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The First Air-Rail in Lanzhou Will Open on Sept 8th, 2017

From September 8th Lanzhou will has its air-rail that connects urban area and Zhongchuan Airport! It’s really an exciting news for those who look for a Lanzou travel and also a big improvement for Silk Road train and Silk Road flight.

According to report, Lanzhou air-way is especially opened for tourists who take the domestic flights run by China Eastern and Shanghai Airway. In the test operation period, tourists could take the air-way for free. And the air-way tickets could be bought together with flight tickets on line. The urban area to airport part will be designed as dummy flights and can be booked earliest 30 days ahead. The air-rail will depart 14 times each day and on each train there are 20 seats. The shortest join time with flight is 80 minutes. Passengers need to collect the tickets latest 40 minutes before the air-rail’s departure.

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