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The 2nd Best Time to Visit Mogao Grottoes is Coming

From Nov 1st, Dunhuang welcomes its low tourist season and carried out the special low season entrance ticket policy. To some tourist, the 2nd best time to visit Mogao Grottoes is coming!

Taking a walk in the Mogao Grottoes Scenery area, one will be greeted by the gold leaves on the trees. Under the bright sunlight, the gold leaves shine with resplendent gold color. And some leaves would leave the trees and dance in air when the breeze comes.

In the former blog we mentioned the low season Mogao Caves tickets fall from CNY 200 to CNY 100 per person. Today we’d like to share another good news!

If you have Dunhuang China Silk Road tour in late autumn, you avoid the crowded tourists and will not suffer from waiting in the long line to visit the grottoes. Instead, you will have a relaxing visit at your pace. Moreover, as you find in Dunhuang travel guide, besides the 8 caves open in high tourist season, the scenic area will open 4 more caves to tourists in the low season. So if you go there in the coming months, you will visit 12 caves. And if you like, paying some extra cost you will have chance to visit the special caves which are only open in the low tourist season.

If you don’t mind the unexpected snow in the winter days and happen to have time for a short Silk Road tour, then we highly recommend Mogao Grottoes – the pearl along Silk Road.

Of course a heavy jacket like down coat is necessary for the short Silk Road tour because the day and night temperature difference is remarkable.

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