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Tekesi County in Xinjiang

Today we’d like to share a small city in Xinjiang which famous for its amazing layout designed according to Bagua- the Chinese Eight Trigrams.

It is said Tekesi is the only city in China that has no traffic lights. And there are almost no traffic jam happens in the city due to its unique layout due to this spider-web like load system. But a stranger would easily get lost in the city.

It is not easy to find the feature of the city layout if you walk in the street, but it is very clear if you have an overlook of the city from the tallest building here. Due to its layout, it has a Chinese nickname – Bagua City, which means City of the Eight Trigrams.

Tekesi is the only well preserved and the largest scale Bagua city in the world. In 2001, it was collected in Guinness Book of World Records. And in 2007 it was valuated as the national famous historical and cultural cities by PRC.

Though the current city was established in 1937, the city’s history can be dated back to the Mongolia Empire in 800+ years ago. When Genghis Khan on his way to Western expedition, he invited the famous Taoist master Qiu Chuji to go with him. When they travelled through a valley, Qiu Chuji found the valley owns great geomantic omen, so he suggested Genghis Khan to build a city in the valley to serve as the headquarter during Genghis Khan’s Western expedition. Actually except for the unmatched great geomantic omen, there is also the center area of Eurasia. Genghis Khan Took Qiu Chuji’s advise and as expected he succeeded.

As time goes by, the buildings in the city has changed for many times, but the city’s layout always remains its original design.

If you travel to Yining City, a side trip to Tekesi city would be an amazing experience.

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