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Take a Helicopter To Overlook Landscape of Xinjiang

Travelers never have to worry about what to see in Xinjiang. The vast land of Xinjiang boasts too many attractive scenery. Through the traditional touring one could see the certain scenery of the destination. But they can never have a bird view of the beautiful landscape.

Now the good news is coming! From January 1st 2018, tourists could take helicopter to see more vast scenic area in the sky when they visit Xinjiang: Tianshan Grand Valley, No.1 Glacier, Bogeda Snow Peak. Then which scenic areas can we take the helicopter to visit?

Kanas Lake

At present Kanas Lake is the only scenic area in China where people could take a helicopter to visit. The visit by helicopter usually last 1 hour. And within the 1 hour visitors could enjoy the scenery of Kanas Lake and Keketuohai Natural Reserve.

Naraty Grassland

Sightseeing by helicopter covers all major scenic sites in the grassland. Starting from the helicopter base, the flight would cover a radius of 2km.

Altai Mountain Snow Park

Altai Mountain Snow Park covers an area of 2000km2. To make full use of its advanced natural condition, the park brought in the heli-ski and makes the park the most ideal place for heli-ski in China.

Flaming Mountain

Taking a helicopter visitors will witness all the beautiful scenery of the Flaming Mountain. In the sunny days, the red rock of the mountain ranges becomes more like flame.

Heavenly Lake And Tianshan Mountain

In July 2017 Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area carried out the first helicopter flight. The helicopter brought visitors from tourist reception center to the top of Tianshan Mountain and have an overlook of the Heavenly Lake.

Populus euphratica forest in Yiwu County

Populus euphratica forest is one of the highlight places to visit in Xinjiang. And the most shocking Populus euphratica forest is in Yiwu County. In July 2017, the first helicopter flew above the forest and brought visitors special experience.

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