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Silk Road Photography Exhibition Held

In 138BC, the great diplomat Mr Zhangqian of the West Han Dynasty departed from Chang’an and explored the famous Silk Road. Till the 16th Century, the Silk Road functioned the important channel that contributes to business, culture, religious, technique communicate between The West and The East.

In 2014, ancient Silk Route was listed in World Heritage Listed by UNESCO. This year 2019 is the 5th anniversary of the application success. The celebrate, a Silk Road Photography Exhibition was held last week. 4330 photographic works registered in the exhibition and finally 63 of them meet the public in exhibition.

Today, Chinasilkroadtours would like to share some of the works exhibited.

Xinjiang Guozigou Valley

Pastureland at Foot of Tianshan Mountain

Dunhuang Yardan Geo-Park

Luntai Populus Forest in Xinjiang

Anjihai Grand Valley

Lake in Desert in Inner Mongulia

Stone Forest on Bank of Yellow River

Hami Ghost City in Xinjiang

Jade Lake in Qinghai

Overlook of Binglinsi Grottoes

Hami Yardan Sand Sea in Xinjiang

(Pictures from Silk Road Heritage Wechat Blog)

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