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See Dunhuang Again Show in Dunhuang City

When visiting a city, the various cultural relics and local food are the must-experience things. They are mainly done in the day time. Then how to make your night time also interesting? Most people will take a walk to enjoy night view or look for a theater to appreciate a featured performance, they are about wither local folk culture or history.

The well known ones are Kongfu Show in Beijing, Tang Dynasty Show and Everlasting Sorrow Performance in Xian, Acrobatic Show in Shanghai…

Here is good news for Silk Road travelers – Dunhuang has a large scale indoor tourist culture show You Jian Dunhuang (See Dunhuang Again) waiting for you.

In the show you will see many well known historical figures related to ancient Silk Road – Zhang Qian, Suo Jing, Zhang Yichao, Xuan Zang, Wang Yuanlu, Chang Shuhong… And through the show you will learn about the various ups and downs of Silk Road in history. That is really a audiovisual enjoyment. Believe you will get richer knowledge and more impressive memory of Silk Road.

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