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Sayram Lake – The Atlantic’s Last Drop of Tear

Sayram Lake is the largest and highest Alpine lake in Xinjiang. It is also the last place that warm ocean current moisture of Atlantic reaches. Hence the lake is honored as the Atlantic’s last drop of tear.

Sayram Lake is a well known Xinjiang attraction. It is located in the Tianshan Mountain Ranges. The average transparency of the lake is 12m.

In the early years there is no any fish lived in the lake. Maybe it proves the Chinese saying “water which is too clean has few fish”. In 1998 local government imported some cold-water fishes from Russia and breed them in Sayram Lake. In 2000, Sayram lake welcomed its first harvest of cold water fish. After decades of years development, Sayram lake was developed as an important feed & production based of cold-water fishes.

Due to the stunning natural scenery and rare cultural relics surrounding the lake, Sayram Lake is a must-see for the tourists who have relatively enough time for a Xinjiang tour. In winter days, snowflakes dance in the air, and then the nature covers the lake area with the thick silver quilt. People who come here will witness the scenery of pine trees sea and snow world. In spring and summer days, on the vast grassland nearby the lake, one will see the wild flower spreading here and there, cattle and sheep herds moving leisurely like clouds in the sky, and the yurts, temporary residence of herdsmen, dotted beside the lake.

In the Han Dynasty, local area was the mainly living place of Wusun People. Wusun used to be one of the influential kingdom in Central Asia. The rows of tombs left by Wusun People kept many rare historical and cultural relics to modern people. The ironware, pottery, silk and gold ornaments show modern people some of the major merchandise trading through Silk Road.

If you have more than 7 days for your north Xinjiang tour, paying a visit to Sayram Lake will be an excellent way to appreciate beautiful scenery of Xinjiang and explore more history and culture of the Silk Road.

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