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Roam on the Ancient Silk Road

The ancient trading route across Asia, Africa and Europe came into being in 2000+ years ago are still remembered and chased by modern people. Nowadays The tourism and international business prosper again along the road. Along the Silk Road ancient China one will meet diversified folk and religious culture, mysterious historical ruins hidden in desert, and the magnificent scenery and landforms. They attract people there and also draw back people.

There is a brave girl from Beijing covered the Silk Road in summer of 2016. In 15 days she covered over 10000km and witness some of the most beautiful things in northwestern China along ancient Silk Road. Traveling is for boarding ones horizon, its also about sharing. Now lets see where she went.

In hostel in Turpan, trying the sweetest raisin in the world.

Walking in the Jiaohe Ancient City left from the 14th century in Turpan to get a touch with the history.

Traveling through Hexi Corridor and pay a visit to Dunhuang, the most prosperous business & trading city along Silk Road in ancient time.

Reach the utmost west city in China, Kashgar.

Having a cup of tea and doing some reading in the century-old teahouse in Old Town of Kashgar.

Witness the large scale Muslim Corban Ceremony in Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar

Appreciating the sunset at Hongqifula Port, the frontier port with highest altitude in the world.

Set foot on the Silk Road on Pamir Plateau where traveler pioneers Marco Polo and  Xuanzang traveled through.

Seeing the vast Bositeng Lake and reed marshes in Korla.

Her old Silk Route trip not only leaves her footprints on the legendary ancient road but also leaves herself a priceless experience and memory.

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