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Night Visit to Mogao Grottoes

Dunhuang is one of the top popular destinations for anyone’s Silk Road Tour, and Mogao Grottoes is the must-visit place in Dunhuang. Due to the limited space and overcrowded visitor population  in the scenic area, many visitors reflect their visiting experience in Mogao Grottoes were not so pleasant. And quite a few people’s visits there become a touch-and-go visit.

Now you have a new way to visit there – night visit to Mogao Grottoes. That is really a good news for people who want an in-depth visit to the grottoes and learn about the hidden cultural and historic content of the grottoes and the murals. Since the night visit policy carried out, it becomes the favorite visiting choice for domestic student visitors.

What’s the unique attraction of the night visit?

  • Before visit to grottoes, you will have a short lesson about the grottoes history. You will not be bothered by hot weather or the crowded visitors, and will have a general impression of the grottoes in advance.

  • With the guidance of the scenic interpreter, you will enjoy some exclusive time that belongs to only your group. You will have an in-depth visit to the precious relics and appreciate the Mogao grottoes culture at your own pace.
  • You will explore the Special Grottoes that 99% visitors can not visit. Here you will appreciate the unsurpassed workmanship throughout Chinese grottoes history.

  • Expert of Dunhuangology will give you a lesson on Mogao Grottoes from the aspects of history, culture, art, economy, religion, archeology, and protection of history relics. So you will have a comprehensive understand of Dunhuang instead of seeing some Buddha statues and murals.

  • You will watch the movie Qian Nian Mogao (Story of Mogao Grottoes). In the movie, you will see how the Silk Road came into being, how the Buddhism was spread to China from ancient India, and development history of Mogao Grottoes…
  • You will watch panorama movie Meng Huan Fo Gong (Dreamlike Palace of Buddhism). The hi-tech recovers the murals in Mogao Grottoes. It’s a great chance to enjoy the exquisite murals in more vivid way.

If you are An ardent lover of Silk Road and Mogao Grottoes, we highly recommend you try the night visit to Mogao Grottoes, we promise you will learn much much more than the normal visiting in the bustling day time.

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