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Natural Beauty of Kashgar

Kashgar is one of the three most popular tourist cities in Xinjiang. The most classic sites regarding the Kashgar tour are Sunday MarketAbakh Khoja Tomb, Old Street of Kashgar, Karakuri Lake, and Id Kah Mosque. Today we’d like to talk something special about Kashgar tour guide. If you have time, traveling there in early autumn will leave you a lifetime memory.
Zepu Diversifolious Poplar
In the west edge of Tarimu Basin there is a beautiful and romantic place – the Zepu Diversifolious Poplar. The poplars stand in north side of Kunlun Mountain silently and the crystal clear Ye’erqiang River flow through the poplar forests. In spring birds sings here, in summer plants show their best scene to the world, the autumn air becomes more fragrant and sweet when the fruit are ripe, and in winter here will become a tranquil and pure silver world.

Hero in Desert
In the deep part of poplar forest there stand more special poplar trees: the straightforward thousands of years old trees tending to die, the dies ones, the young ones…Diversifolious poplar is the rare tree in Xinjiang. They are called “Hero in desert” because they can survive in unimaginable tough environment.

Vigorous Beauty in Spring
In the early spring, enchanting sunlight turns the world into gold. After the long and cold winter days, some leaves of the poplar trees are still lingering on the tree. The silent village recovers from the brumal days. If you have interest, visiting a local family you will feel the hospitality of local people. Kashgar travel in Spring should be on your list if you are interested in China photo tours.

Folk Culture
It will be a pity if you missed the chance to join in some activities to feel local folk culture in Jinhuyang. The best course ride field of Southern Xinjiang lies here. No matter your are experienced horse rider or the green-hand, you will have a great time here – You could either rent a horse or take a cart pulled by horse to explore local area.

Poetic and Artistic Conception
Night in western Xinjiang will not approach till 21:00. So when the exploration ends, you could go to the timber toasted restaurant to try some delicious toasted beef and mutton and home-made wine. And then lying on a reclining chair to spend your leisure time before going to bed.

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