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Mogao Grottoes Tickets Policy During National Day Holiday

2017 Chinese Mid Autumn Festival falls on Oct 4th which is also in the Chinese National Day Holiday, so in the coming October people working in China will have a 8 days holiday from Oct 1st to 8th, during that time most of scenic areas will receive much more tourists than normal days.

Here is an important Dunhuang travel guide for those who plan their China holiday to this city. To protect the relics and ensure the nice visiting experience of visitors, Mogao Grottoes issues the short-term entrance tickets policy which applies to visitors during the 8 days’ holiday. Here below is the content of the temporary Mogao Caves tickets policy.

Here below is the content of the temporary tickets policy.

  1. On-line ticket booking requires true name. Visitors could book the tickets on official website of Mogao Grottoes mgk.org.cn in advance.
  2. During the National Day Holiday, the top limit of visitor population is 1.8 thousand people every day. Among the 18000 tickets, 6000 tickets will be sold online and the rest 12000 tickets would be sold in Digital Exhibition Center which also functions as tourist reception center.
  3. Visitors holding tickets booked on line could visit 8 grottoes and the online ticket is CNY 200 / ticket. The visitors holding tickets bought in Digital Exhibition Center could visit 4 classic grottoes and that ticket is CNY 100 / ticket. Tourists could buy the ticket in Digital Exhibition Center 1 day in advance.
  4. The only place in scenic area selling entrance tickets is Digital Exhibition Center. Private cars or tourist vehicle are forbidden to enter the scenic area. Visitors could take the free shuttle bus to Digital Exhibition Center to buy the tickets. Ticket issuing time: 07:40-15:30.
  5. Please present your passport and ticket when required. Only if the personal information on your passport and ticket are the same you will be allowed to visit the grottoes.
  6. Entrance ticket issuing offices in Dunhuang City is Room 102, #15Building, North District of Yingbin Huayuan, Dunhuang (address in Chinese: 敦煌市迎宾花园北区15号楼102号). The office works from 07:00 to 21:00.

If you still have questions about the Mogao Grottoes visiting during the holiday, please call the scenic area tourist reception center at 86 4008333715.

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