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Lanzhou Tour Advice

Yellow River flow through Lanzhou City for thousand of years, and the air here is heavy with the aroma of the Beef Noodles. In ancient times Lanzhou is called “Golden City”, and nowadays it is capital city of Gansu China as well as one of the popular Silk Route cities. Coming to Lanzhou city you will set foot on the territory of northwest of China. If your come here for sightseeing, one or two days will be enough.

Advised traveling time to Lanzhou

Spring and summer are the best seasons for Lanzhou travel. The city is located in inland China with the far distance from sea. It has a dry climate and big temperature difference between day and night. Tourists can get used to the local climate faster in spring and summer days.

If you want to experience the yearly “Lanzhou Silk Road Culture Festival” then please visit the city in September.

Things to do in Lanzhou

Trying Noodles in beef soup is the top must do thing. No matter you like it or not, here you will meet the most authentic noodles of this kind. The beef noodle restaurant spread everywhere in the city. If you love noodles, it will definitely satisfy you. Besides, many other wheaten food are also worthy of trying. There are two food streets: Dazhong Lane at Zhangye Walking Street, and the Muslim food quarter on Zhengning Road.

Walk along Yellow River to have a close look at the mother river of Chinese nation. The muddy river flow through the city area and shed remarkable influence to the city’s history and local people’s life, and also the city’s culture. Here you will meet No.1 Yellow River Bridge, Mother Sculpture of Yellow River, and also Huanghe Fengqing Line.

Recommended Lanzhou tour itinerary

In the morning take a taxi (cost about CNY20) to Gansu Provincial Museum. The collections here will not sad you. Spending here for 1-2 hours. In the afternoon take a walk along Yellow River. Or you could take the bus or taxi to visit Baiyu Taoist Temple, White Pagoda Hill, and Xiguan Grand Mosque.

Where to stay overnight in Lanzhou

Tourists will have many choices about accommodation. Lanzhou has many star-hotels and hostels, and also family-run guest houses. You could choose one based on your budget and interest. Room rate of economy hotels are CNY200-300 per night. Hostels cost less.

Xiguan Shizi and Zhangyelu Road is the center of Lanzhou. Booking a hotel in this area is a good choice.

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