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Kashgar – A Mysterious City In Southern Xinjiang

Southern Xinjiang is a place to many people which is both familiar and strange. They often hear about it but may never go to see it. It locates at the 5th East Time District. But Since China’s standard time is Beijing time, which is the East 8th District Time, people shoulder never arrange their activities based on Beijing Time. Usually day time comes in the morning at about 07:000, and night falls at around 23:00.The noon time of Beijing is just the morning time of Southern Xinjiang!

Kashgar Old City

In Southern Xinjiang, there is a city which locates at the must-pass point of ancient Silk Road, and used to be an international business hub in ancient time. Sometimes it looks retro, sometimes it appears modern. In ancient time, the city was called ShuLe, nowadays it is called Kashgar.

Id Kha Tomb

In the past hundreds of years, as the largest city in Southern Xinjiang, Kashgar still remains its slow life. The city’s life style and features worthy each of us to experience.

Populus Euphratica Forest

And since it’s special location, it is the most-visit place for travelers who do a cross-country Silk Road Tour. Kashgar is 1.5 hours from Central Asia, and 6 hours from Europe.


Mr. Zhang Qian traveled through there when he traveled westward, Master Xuanzang traveled through there on his way to Ancient India, Mr. Macro Polo also traveled through there on his travel to China… And countless people traveled through there for their various purposes. People in ancient time travel there to earn their lives, or perform their duties. It was a really tough travel. While modern times, Kashgar is attractive for domestic and international tourist due to its rich cultural relics, heart-taking scenery, and various food and fruits.

Kashgar Stone City

It is said Northen Xinjiang is best for sightseeing, Southern Xinjiang is best for history & culture learning. Actually scenery in Southern Xinjiang is impressive as well. You should travel to Southern Xinjiang at least once in your life!

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