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Kanas Airport Will Suspend in Early Oct

In recent days Kanas Airport announced the airport will suspend in early Oct after the Chinese National Day Holiday (Oct 1st -8th). You are suggested to check with the airport in advance if you plan a Kanas Lake tour in October.

Kanas Airport lies about 50km to Kanas Lake and it is especially established for tourists going to Kanas Lake. And due to the climate condition and tourist population, the airport usually opens from May to October. In 2017 the airport opened from May 15th and will temporarily closed when the National Day Holiday ends. So if you are planning a tour to Kanas Lake from late Oct to the coming Spring, renting a car will be the recommended choice.

Kanas Lake lying in northern Xinjiang is a national 5A scenic area. It is also one of the top Xinjiang attractions to both domestic and international tourists. The lake area is praised as “Switzerland in China” due to its towering snow mountains, azure lake water, mysterious virgin forest, and the water monster in legend. “Kanas” is the transliteration of Mongolian language which means “mysterious and beautiful lake”. With the development of road condition, Kanas Lake is much more accessible than before and some parts of the lake are not mysterious any more. By following a local guide one could see as much of the lake as possible.

Xinjiang is vast with rich tourist resource as the largest provincial administrative region, apart from the Kansa, you can also find many other beautiful places to visit in Xinjiang, like Kashgar in southern Xinjiang and Bayanbulak in northern Xinjiang.

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