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HK – Dunhuang Non-stop Flight Opened

In the evening of August 21st, the non-stop flight A320 landed at Dunhuang Airport from HK after the 5-hour flying. And 159 HK tourists arrived Dunhuang by the flight. Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by the show Silu Huayu (Rain of Flowers on the Silk Road) at the airport. It’s no doubt a breaking news for Dunhuang tours and also a big improvement to extent people’s Hong Kong travel to deeper inland. What’s more, it enables travelers more options to plan their enter and departure points for Silk Road trip China.

Actually since July 3rd, 2017 the non-stop between HK and Dunhuang was opened. Due to the expansion program of Dunhuang Airport, the flights stopover in Lanzhou and then arrive Dunhuang. Since August 21st, tourists traveling to Dunhuang from HK will be much more convenient. The flight departs once a week till end of Oct when the low tourism season comes in Dunhuang.

By now there are 20 Chinese cities open non-stop flight to Dunhuang. They are: Beijing, Xian, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Jiayuguan, Nanjing, Urumqi, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhangye, Guangzhou, HK, etc.

Dunhuang is the pearl city along the Silk Road and it is the must-visit city for anyone’s Silk Road tour. After the HK – Dunhuang flight’s opening, you will need no transit in other cities to waste time if they are not included in your visiting list.

(Photos are from Chinanews.com.)

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