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Hemu Village

In Aletai District of Xinjiang, there is a place called Hemu which features at wooden cottage, forest, river, and grassland. The village is regarded as the most beautiful villages in China. It also enjoy the name God’s Garden.

The village still remains the virgin pasture scenery, the old style wooden cottages and natural pastureland make up an unique country scenery picture. Under the blue sky there are relaxing cattle and goat herds. And dense virgin forest guards everything here in distance. Here is paradise for photography lovers. Moreover, the summer average temperature is only 15℃-20℃, which makes the village the popular summer resort.

What to Experience in Hemu Village

  • Vast area of natural grassland

More than 90% area surrounding the village is covered by natural grassland. In the sunny days, many cattle and goat herds will wonder on the grassland to enjoy fresh grass.

  • The biggest Tuwa People’s village

The biggest Tuwa People’s village in Kanas area locates on the Hemu Grassland. The village here still remains the original ethnic costumes of Tuwa People. The wooden cottages are logo of local Tuwa people. They are all made of logs which look rather unique and eye-catching. If you smell it carefully, you will find the faint scent of logs.

  • Clear and beautiful starry sky

In Hemu, you will meet the most clear and beautiful starry sky which you would never see in city.

  • The forever heart-catching four seasons

No matter what time you come to Hemu, you will be surprised at the picturesque scenery.In spring, the grassland shines with tender yellow-green grass shoot. The mountain ranges are surrounded by mist. In summer, the birch forest show it’s greenest color to the world. Plus the dark-green grassland, it looks rather cool and comfortable. It is said the top autumn attraction of Xinjiang lies in Kanas, and the essence of Kanas’ autumn is in Hemu. Hemu’s autumn is a colorful world that consists of various colors. In winter, Hemu becomes a tranquil pure silver world. The thick layer of snow covers every thing’s details. Then it will be a mysterious dreamland for strangers.

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