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Grand Beauty of Xinjiang in Autumn

Traveling in Xinjiang independently is hard to both domestic and international travelers. While as long you have a partner, trying to be a backpacker to explore some less bothered places in Xinjiang you will find some really special and authentic thing of the minor ethnic peoples there.

Autumn is coming. So we’d like to share some pictures of a donkey friend (Chinese people call the independent travelers as donkey friend) who has been to Xinjiang in last autumn.

Sayram Lake in Northern Xinjiang. On the other side of the mountain lies Kazakhstan. In early Oct, The grassland near the lake already withered the grass. The withered grass endows the grassland special taste.

The Uyghur boy in Yining City. Although language barrier exists, you will find smile is an international language on an Uighur tours Silk Road.

Starting trekking from Wusun Ancient Path. (Wusun is an ancient kingdom existed about 300BC – 300AD)

Local Kazak herdsman’s fortitudinous stare in snowy day.

Trekking across Akebula Glacier.

Taking a photo in the classic photo taking spot of Tiantang Lake. Tiantang Lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Xinjiang as well as a highlight stop along the Wusun Ancient Path.


Nang, a kind of crisp baked pita, is one of the main food in Xinjiang. The dry pita is cheap and easy to preserve. It was also the main food in our independent travel.

The evening in Quka County. children are playing soccer after class.

95% of natives in Kashgar are Uyghur people. Their face, language, costume, architecture, and food are all differ from other cities out of Xinjiang. The outgoing Uyghur children play in street.

In the livestock bazaar, a young guy is enjoying toasted mutton.

Roaming in Gaotai Folk Village and Kashgar Old Street to meet local people.

His smile in smoke is so impressive.

Smile of an elder Uygher women. Her smile stopped the time for a while.

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