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Going to Xining to Enjoy 25℃ Summer Days

In July and August, when the highest temperature of most places in China reach 40℃, Xining seldom reaches 30℃.

In that time adding Qinghai to your Silk Road Tour itinerary will definitely be a sensible decision. In these months the highlight cities along Silk Road, like Luoyang, Xian, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar are all suffer from high temperature, but Qinghai, which locates on the Qinghai – Xizang Plateau is much cooler. Each summer, Qinghai attracts lots of domestic and international tourists for its nice weather and scenery. Some Chinese people even live there temporarily for one month to escape from burning days in their hometown.

Depending on your time schedule, you could spend 1-3 days here to enjoy a cool Xining tour. Following places will make your Silk Road holiday meaningful and more beautiful

Qinghai Lake

In July and August rape flowers around Qinghai Lake welcome their full bloom. The high altitude of Qinghai Lake delays flowering phase of rape flower. Only till midsummer comes  the wide regions rape flowers start to blossom out.

Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake in China. It’s also the largest salt water lake in China. Standing on bank of the lake one can never see the opposite bank of the lake. The only thing they can see is the boundless clear blue sky, Galsang Flower, and    rape flower. When facing the so beautiful scenery, we can not find a proper words to describe it.

Chaka Salt Lake

Indeed Qinghai Lake is top attraction for many people’s Qinghai Tour. Some people  go there for the Mirror of Heaven – Chaka Salt Lake. Once arriving there, you will forget the hardness of trekking and traveling in your tour. It is so beautiful like a miracle.

The most romantic part of Chaka Salt Lake visiting should be taking the mini train to deep center area of the lake. The more closer to center area, the less people there is, and the clearer the lake becomes. They the beautiful scenery of  “Mirror of Heaven”  will come into your sight gradually.

You could walking on the lake face with bare feet and look or take a photo for your   inverted image.

Ta’er Monastery

Ta’er Monastery is one of the 6 most famous monasteries of Gulug Sect (Yellow Hat) in Tibetan Buddhism. The vivid butter sculpture, colorful murals, and multi-colored  pile-up silk artworks are top 3 art treasures in most tourists’ eyes.

Ta’er Monastery is a must go place for any one traveling to Qinghai. The imperial dye will impress you very much. Tourists who have interest in Tibetan history, literature, philosophy, medicine, and legislation will find what they like here.

Jinyintan Grassland

The west part of the grassland borders Qinghai Lake. To the north it is surrounded by Qilian Mountain. The average altitude of the lake is 3200 meters and is divided    into two parts by the river flowing through it. On the north part of the grassland there are vast golden yellow flowers in their full bloom and the south part of the grassland is covered by the silver flowers.

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