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Gansu Was Listed in the Top 52 World Tourist Destinations by New York Times

On January 1st 2018, New York Times released the list “Top 52 World Tourist Destinations”. Gansu Province of China was listed as the 17th top destinations. That is the 2nd time Gansu Province appeared in the top tourist destination list on worldwide well known magazines. In 2017, Gansu Province was listed in the Best Tourist Destinations in Asia by Lonely Planet. That indicates Gansu Province is growing into a worldwide tourist destination. More and more people can’t wait to have a Gansu tour.

2018 is the 3rd year that New York Times released the “Must-go Destinations This Year”. The magazine introduced Gansu like this: In Gansu Province, cultural relics of the ancient Silk Road can be met here and there. In the past few years, with the opening of high speed train in the northwest China, many places in Gansu are more reachable and become popular Silk Road destinations. The ride time by bullet train to have a rainbow mountain China tour from Lanzhou to Zhangye Danxia Mountain National Geological Park is around 3 hours. That is half of the time tourists spent in the past. The train riding time from other tourist cities to Jiayuguan Pass was also remarkably shortened. And after the 4 year’s repair, the pass regained its grandness of the 14th century.

With the promotion of China Silk Road tour and the opening of high speed trains, Silk Road city tours are becoming the welcomed choice for an increasingly number of tourists. Gansu, the location of the famous Hexi Corridor in history, benefits a lot from that. And the rich cultural relics are telling more facts of the world oldest international trading route to modern people.

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